BB 25: What Is Slop On Big Brother Explained

BB 25: What Is Slop On Big Brother Explained

Big Brother 25‘s Week Six is Humiliverse-themed and that means all the houseguests except Head of Household Cameron Hardin has to eat slop for all their meals and take turns being have-nots sleeping in the Humiliverse room. With the surprise flip vote to evict Cameron’s buddy Red Utley, he now knows his Legend 25 alliance is fake and will be out for revenge. And his enemies in the Big Brother house will be weakened because of their Humiliverse hazing. So, what is slop on Big Brother made from exactly?

It’s basically an oatmeal gruel that makes for one very grueling week in the house. Of course it contains all the essential vitamins and minerals humans’ need. But eating that 24/7 in week would certainly drive anyone a bit nutty, not to mention houseguests stuck in a house on 24 hour surveillance against competitors planning to stab them in the back. Add cold showers and it’s going to be a terrible week for everyone but Cameron.

What Is Slop On Big Brother? Recipe & Toppings Allowed

Slop consists of a basic recipe of steel-cut oats, soy protein, vitamin powder, whey protein, and mineral powder. On its own, it taste like cardboard, according to previous houseguests.

To make Big Brother‘s slop, you need 3.5 cups of steel-cut oats, then bring 12 cups of water to a boil. Add the oats and put the temperature down to let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Add one cup of whey protein. Then add half a cup of unflavored soy protein. After that add four table spoons of vitamin and mineral powder. Then stir until everything is well mixed, and voila, you have disgusting Big Brother slop.

However, houseguests are allowed to spice it up with some toppings, including: rosemary, relish, vanilla, basil, cinnamon, soy sauce, pickles, black pepper, salt, mustard, brown sugar, creamer, salsa, crushed red pepper, ketchup, hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, and any other toppings houseguests so desire.

Before slop, have-nots had to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week. BuzzFeed had people taste test slop six years ago and everyone thought it tasted atrocious. They thought it taste like “cat vomit” or “saw dust” or “sand”.

Fans believe this week is going to drive the entire house mad. Four-time Survivor contestant Cirie Fields definitely has an advantage as she’s had to face eating anything she could while on that show.

Here’s a previous Big Brother contestant complaining about how bad slop is.

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