Love Is Blind: What Are Brennon And Alexa Are Up To In 2024

Love Is Blind: What Are Brennon And Alexa Are Up To In 2024

Love Is Blind season 3 married couple Brennon and Alexa Lemieux had a relatively breezy engagement on the show that first released in October 2022 on Netflix. After joining the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion episode to ask and answer questions, fans wondered what the Texan couple have been doing since tying the knot. Besides Alexa being very pregnant with their first child, a lot of other major changes took place in their lives. Here’s what Brennon and Alexa are up to in 2024, after  three years of marriage.

Other than Brennon facing a grilling from Alexa’s Jewish family, particularly her father Adam Alfia, the marriage went off without a hitch. The two ended up moving in together and only had issues with Alexa sometimes not doing the dishes. Since meeting, Alexa has upgraded and started dressing Brennon. Before having their own kid, they spent a lot of time with Alexa’s much younger half-sister Emma. Brennon didn’t end up converting to Judaism because Alexa decided she didn’t want to force him.

The two like to spend time with the other married couple from season 3, Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed.

What Are Brennon And Alexa Are Up To In 2024 After Love Is Blind Season 3

Brennon and Alexa Lemieux together in Israel

Brennon and Alexa Lemieux together in Israel (Instagram).

Before Alexa got pregnant and announced it in early 2024, the reality TV couple loved to hit the town in Dallas and get cocktails. Alexa also likes to post videos of her making different cocktails. The couplealso love to go to country concerts, as well as Dallas Mavericks and Rangers’ games. Brennon and Alexa also spent a romantic getaway in the Bimini Bahamas in early 2023, including vacationing on a superyacht. They also traveled to LA and NYC that year.

The year of adventure didn’t end there. They visited Rome in the summer of 2023, including the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain. They then ended up traveling to Israel due to Alexa’s grandmother passing away.

“Shabbat shalom from Israel! Had the most incredible week visiting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and showing Brennon around. It’s been exactly 3 years since I’ve been here. My safta (grandma) very suddenly passed away when she was only 2 weeks away from moving to Dallas,” Alexa wrote at the time.

“The last time I was here, it was for her funeral. I couldn’t picture coming back and visiting a place that reminds me so much of her everywhere I look. It’s been an emotional trip and one that I will remember forever. I’m so blessed to have Brennon by my side and I just know she would’ve loved him so much.”

Alexa and Brennon at a county concert

Alexa and Brennon at a county concert (Instagram).

Returning back to the USA, Alexa went to a Beyoncé concert. Over the holidays, the couple celebrated both Christmas and Hannukah. Instead of cocktails, Alexa’s making mocktails these days to help with her insomnia. For Valentine’s Day, the two did a paid sponsorship with chicken fast food chain Raising Cane’s. The adorable couple are expecting their first child sometime in the summer.

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