BB 25: Felicia Let Slip To Red He’s Getting Evicted & Split Vote Explained

BB 25: Felicia Let Slip To Red He's Getting Evicted & Split Vote Explained

Big Brother 25 is finally getting a split vote after houseguests keep unanimously voting out fellow competitors. In the hours leading up to the live vote eviction on Thursday, September 7, the house was split on voting out Jag Bains or Red Utley. Now Miss Felicia Cannon let slip to Red he’s likely getting voted out a couple days after his birthday celebration. “Are you saving that cupcake?” Felicia asked Red hours before the live vote. “You’re going to take it home?” she followed up with. Felicia let slip to Red he’s getting evicted by implying he wouldn’t be in the house tomorrow.

Before that, Red thought he was safe from eviction with his alliance. BB 25 superfans couldn’t believe it on Twitter/X.

Now Mecole Hayes and Felicia may look like they flipped their votes when in fact it was Cirie Fields and Izzy Gleicher who were discussing backstabbing Red. Red, along with sidekick Bowie Jane, then rushed to Cirie, the clear ringleader in the house. They told the very person who’s planning to betray Red of what Felicia said. Now, Felicia has opened the door more than ever for Cirie to flip her vote, alongside Izzy, and then make Mecole and Felicia the scapegoats.

Some fans feel bad for Red, as he was completely blindsided. He even made the houseguests pancakes on eviction day.

Felicia Let Slip To Red He’s Getting Evicted, BB 25 Fans Think Betrayal Is Terrible For Cirie’s Game

Fans think Cirie is making another fatal blunder in her game. Jag is well-liked by the younger competitors, mainly Cory Wurtenberger, America Lopez, Matt Klotz, and Cameron Hardin. Cirie keeping Jag in the house helps the opposing alliance get stronger. Cirie also knows Jag figured out she leaked the info about Matt winning the special invincibility power veto to Jared, so his trust of her is now lowered. Meanwhile, Red broke up his alliance with Cameron and has tried to work closely with Cirie.

The move makes no sense, just like voting out Hisam Goueli when he was the major target in their alliance. Apparently Izzy and Cirie just love blindsiding people over playing good game strategy.

Cirie played it cool and acted as if she was shocked by Felicia’s suggestion Red was going home.

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