Big Brother 25 Houseguest Izzy Gleicher: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Izzy Gleicher: All Fans Need To Know

Speculation is running rampant as to whether Big Brother 25 houseguest Izzy Gleicher has forged an early alliance. Izzy, who said in her pre-season interview that she “wanted to start low and just observe people,” would be a favorite to form an early alliance. And if you go to Izzy’s Instagram, you can eavesdrop on a quiet convo between Izzy and Bowie Jane Ball on just that subject. But, Izzy wants you to know that she’s watching everyone. “I think people find me pretty disarming. I think everyone’s guards are going to be down. They’re going to tell me all their secrets. I’ll have all the information in the house and I’m going to use it to my advantage.”

“I’m a proud queer woman, and representation hasn’t really been at the fullest in Big Brother,” Izzy says. However, one of Izzy’s weaknesses is that she is a relatively new fan of Big Brother. She only seriously started watching in January of this year, but binge-watched every season twice since then! Let’s see how she stacks up compared to the other 16 houseguests.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Izzy: Hometown, Education, Flautist Job, Romantic Partner, Age, Birthday, Zodiac

BB 25 houseguest Izzy with her girlfriend Paige

Izzy, or Isabelle Lepanto Gleicher, is a proud New Yorker through and through. She’s an accomplished flautist, even getting two Masters Degrees — one in Flute Performance and one in Contemporary Performance. She’s a graduate of Yale, SUNY, and the Manhattan School of Music. Her website covers all the places and venues she’s performed at and taught at, but she’s most proud of her Tiny Desk Concert and playing at the Met. Izzy is also an educator in a ridiculous number of venues, from a Brooklyn high school to 3rd graders to universities all over America. Her social media profile is being managed by her romantic partner and biggest fan, Paige Ellen Seiber, while Izzy is in the house. Izzy tells us that they have been together for four years. Izzy turned 32 years of age on December 12, which makes her a deceptively competitive Sagittarius.

BB 25 Houseguest Izzy: Pet, Visual Art, Swimming, Band, Family, Fandoms

New Yorkers Izzy and her girlfriend Paige at a basketball game

While at home, Izzy is rarely photographed without her feline companion Bilbo/Billie, who has been a part of Izzy’s life since 2019. Izzy is also a visual artist, focusing on geometric shapes and colors. We’ll have to see if the can compete with co-star and illustrator Luke Valentine.

She is a fan of incorporating colored light in her performances, which is handy as that is Paige’s main job. When she isn’t playing the flute or creating art, Izzy loves the water, being involved with Team New York Aquatics. Her main “band” of sorts is named Wild Up, and they’ve been nominated for a Grammy. Izzy has a close relationship with her parents, as one shot shows them together on the couch. If you scroll down a little further, you can see that Izzy is also a fan of Survivor and was part of Team Cirie. Now that Cirie herself is on Big Brother, what kind of dynamic will develop between them?

Izzy is going to surprise many people this season, underestimate her at your peril.

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