What Happened To SK After Love Is Blind & Raven Breakup

What Happened To SK After Love Is Blind & Raven Breakup

Most recent articles concerning SK (Sikiru) Alagbada have focused on allegations of his alleged cheating and ongoing legal threats to his accusers. However, there’s been less attention on what actually happened to SK after Love Is Blind season 3. There’s a lot more going on in his life apart from show drama worth focusing looking at. Is there anything new in his future that fans have overlooked? Also, is SK going to get legal and monetary revenge on his accusers he alleges maliciously lied about the facts in accusing him of infidelity with Raven Ross, which led to their breakup.

Despite rumors SK and Raven were still together after they were allegedly spotted at a Costco together, Raven has made it clear on IG and TikTok they’re done.

What Happened To SK? A Review Of The Alleged Cheating Drama

Hannah Beth Says SK Told Her He was Just Friends With Raven & Pretending To Be Engaged For The Show

Dallas ex girlfriend Hannah Beth claims SK told her he was pretending to be in love and engaged to Raven for the show Love is Blind (TikTok).

Since so much has been happening in SK’s life after LIB fame, a quick review is probably necessary of the cheating allegations controversy. In all, there were three women who alleged that SK was either dating or trying to date them when he was allegedly in a relationship with Raven. There’s @emmwho9, who posted her text message conversations with SK where a bikini pic was shared and SK offered to do her homework. The San Fran girl also alleges they went on a date after meeting on dating app Hinge and only stopped talking four months ago.

TikTok User @emmwho9 Posting A Beach Pic

TikTok User @emmwho9, who accused SK of potentially cheating on Raven by dating her, enjoying the beach (TikTok).

There’s Hannah Beth, a Dallas fashion TikTok influencer who says she is SK’s ex–from before the show–and went with him on a vacation to Europe, a few months after the show filmed, where SK supposedly said the relationship with Raven was fake and for money. Hannah also alleged (providing photo and text receipts) they went to Cabo, Mexico, in May of 2022. She also claimed they were planning a (eventually canceled) romantic yacht trip in Miami this September.

Jada Rice From San Francisco Accused SK of Dating Her Earlier this Year

Third SK accuser Jada Rice is from San Francisco, too (Instagram).

Then there’s Jada Rice, who claims SK dated her in Oakland and was aware of SK’s cheating ways after she found hair in the shower that wasn’t hers. There’s a lot of confusion as to whether SK and Raven were actually dating after SK said “I do not” at the altar, which makes the allegations of cheating somewhat murky.

SK Claims He’s ‘Actively Pursuing Legal Actions Against Some Of The Accusers Involved’

SK Posted A Message Late Wednesday Night About the Cheating Allegations

SK’s statement after cheating allegations controversy (Instagram).

SK Claims Cheating Allegations 'Falsely Misrepresented' What Happened For 'Malicious Intent'

Love Is Blind star SK claims cheating allegations ‘falsely misrepresented’ events with ‘malicious intent’ and says ‘we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved’ (Instagram).

However, Raven and SK broke up pretty quickly after Hannah’s bombshell claims in her video dropped. On top of that, Raven in an interview with The Bachelor reality TV star Nick Viall claimed they were “officially” together since the end of 2021.

“We’re still together, it’s been a while now,” Raven said on Nov. 10 before the cheating allegations dropped and the subsequent breakup. “Like over a year, pretty much since filming. After filming, you know, we had a weird space for a while. He, I think within that week, had to move to California. So, we definitely had a long transition period where we like still talked. But I think it’s been a little over a year that we were officially like, ‘Okay, like you know, we’re going to be official and move forward, and kind of pick up where we left off. But there is so much love there. And, like, he’s literally my best friend. So yeah, we’ve been making it work between Texas and California.”

Although some of the accusation videos were deleted, the women have not formally retracted their claims about SK.

Raven claimed in her TikTok comments that Hannah was attempting to “extort” her and SK.

What Happened To SK? Living The Berkeley Student Life

It’s pretty amazing that SK continues to maintain a relatively high profile despite all the heat he’s taken in the past few weeks. On Nov. 14, SK moderated a panel of prominent Africans working in tech at Soho House in Austin. At the panel part of AfroTech, there was representation from Estee Lauder, Microsoft, and Warner Bros.

SK has an impressive 360,000 followers on Instagram, which is nowhere close to the number for his ex Raven Ross’s 766,000 followers. However, if there actually are ongoing legal proceedings underway, it makes sense that he would only be comment on parts of his life unrelated to his breakup with Raven. Also, comments on his IG account are still turned off. In stark contrast to the other couples on the show and the rest of the drama that continues to rage, the other contestants have mostly stayed silent on Raven and SK’s surprise sudden breakup. SK’s bro AB has even put his account private.

SK deleted almost all of his posts with Raven after the breakup and didn’t post for about a week. However, he started to post Instagram stories again near the end of November. He took a trip to Chicago on the one weekend, and he’s now returned to San Francisco for school. At the beginning of Dec. he attended the HAAS FinTech Conference. He also did some public speaking.

Recently, SK shared a bunch of stories on his IG account. One is a picture from the Berkeley Haas Black Business Student Association showing SK and the others in ugly Christmas sweaters at a potluck. Then, there’s a clip of SK and another classmate speaking before the class about the importance of looking good in tech. Clearly, SK is trying to get back to normal life.

SK in a lecture hall public speaking

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