Love Is Blind: SK’s Ex Girlfriend Alleges Cheating With Couple Pics

Love Is Blind: SK's Ex Girlfriend Posts Couple Pics Alleging Cheating

SK (Sikiru) Alagbada‘s alleged ex girlfriend published a TikTok video leaking relationship pictures and video of her and SK romantically together. The Love Is Blind season 3 star was already facing potential cheating allegations from another women on TikTok earlier this week. SK’s Instagram has comments turned off of all his recent posts since the allegations started surfacing. The latest accuser, Dallas fashion influencer Hannah Beth, alleged she was SK’s ex girlfriend before the show aired. She says the couple took two romantic trips together after SK met Pilates instructor Raven Ross on Love is Blind season 3.

UPDATE: On Sunday even Raven and SK posted a joint breakup statement on how they were going their separate ways.

Love Is Blind Stars Raven & SK's Breakup Statement Posted ON Instagram

Love is Blind season 3 couple Raven and SK released a joint statement saying they were breaking up, but they won’t be talking about it because of “on-going legal proceedings” (Instagram).

“We are saddened to announce that we have decided to go our separate ways. Due to on-going legal proceedings surrounding these allegations, we can not provide additional details and ask that you please respect our privacy during this hard time,” Raven and SK posted on their Instagram stories.

“Thank you for following our love story and believing in us. This journey has forever shaped our lives and we are so grateful for everyone who has been a part of it. Your love and support means everything.”

Since the breakup, Raven wrote in the comments that Hannah “tried to extort us”.

Although it was unclear what Raven and SK meant by legal proceedings at first late Wednesday evening, on Nov. 24, SK made it clear he’s pursuing “legal actions” against some of the accusers involved. He claims that the allegations were “falsely misrepresented with malicious intent”. He also says that Raven and him left the show single and “went back to dating other people”.

SK Posted A Message Late Wednesday Night About the Cheating Allegations

SK Claims Cheating Allegations 'Falsely Misrepresented' What Happened For 'Malicious Intent'

Love Is Blind star SK claims cheating allegations ‘falsely misrepresented’ events with ‘malicious intent’ and says ‘we are actively pursuing legal actions against some of the accusers involved’ (Instagram).

Hannah Beth Fashion Influencer Claiming SK Dated Her & Cheated On Raven

Fashion influencer Hannah Beth Style claimed SK dated her after Love Is Blind season 3 in 2021 and 2022 (Instagram).

SK Allegedly First Dated Hannah Before Going On Love Is Blind

“It all started in 2019… we became good friends and started dating [boyfriend/girlfriend attended weddings, birthday celebrations, etc.] Broke up mutually and remained friends,” Hannah captioned the start of her now-deleted TikTok video alleging possible infidelity. She then posted some pictures of her relationship with him from a couple years. (It was before SK starred on Love Is Blind.)

SK In A Relationship With Dallas Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth In 2019

SK in an alleged relationship with Dallas fashion influencer Hannah Beth back in 2019 (TikTok).

Hannah Beth With SK In 2019 The First Time They Dated

Hannah Beth with SK the first time they allegedly dated back in 2019 (TikTok).

SK’s Ex Girlfriend Hannah Alleges They Were Dating After He & Raven Met

The now-deleted video then turns to an alleged trip SK and Hannah took to Ibiza, Spain, back in July 2021. SK began filming Love Is Blind season 3 back in March 2021, and the failed wedding took place a couple months after that May or early June.

“Fast forward to late July 2021… he invites me to go to Europe (Ibiza specifically),” Hannah wrote in the video. She then provided a screenshot of their alleged conversation after the trip and some pictures from the vacation.

Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth Leaks Alleged Texts With SK

Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth leaks alleged text messages with SK about previous romantic Ibiza trip after Love Is Blind season 3 ended (TikTok).

SK & Alleged Ex Girlfriend Hannah Beth In Ibiza In Summer 2021

SK & alleged ex girlfriend Hannah Beth in Ibiza in summer 2021 (TikTok).

While flying back from the island of Ibiza, Hannah claims she was using SK’s phone for pictures and saw a text from a contact labeled “fiancée”. Hannah claims she waited for dinner in Madrid to “wrap” her head around what she discovered and confront him. “He told me it was for the [Love Is Blind] show but it was just for the money and they were friends only,” she said in another captioned part of the video.

Hannah Beth Says SK Told Her He was Just Friends With Raven & Pretending To Be Engaged For The Show

Hannah Beth claimed SK told her he was pretending to be in love and engaged to Raven, age 29, for the show Love is Blind (TikTok).

“I didn’t 100% believe him but he never gave me a reason to not trust him so I just trusted his word and it made sense (at the time),” Hannah added in the now-deleted (late Sunday she took it down) viral TikTok video. Hannah says they then extended their trip to stay in London for a couple of days.

Near the end of the alleged romantic getaway, Hannah says she brought up her concerns about his “fiance” from the show.

“I brought up my reservations one more time before we flew home. [He] said I should meet Raven if this is all fake, and he agreed. I found her on IG, liked her pics and didn’t think anything of it until…” Hannah claimed.

“As we were waiting outside for an Uber, I glance over and see an IG notification from [Raven] and the message said, ‘Umm who this?’ with my profile attached. He says to me: ‘I told you I was going to handle it.’ So I was like that’s weird but ok,” wrote Hannah.

Hannah’s now-removed video then said “fast forward to May 2022” and mentioned couples’ trip they allegedly took to Cabo, Mexico.

Hannah alleges SK, age 36, took her on a romantic trip to Cabo, Mexico, in May 2022 (TikTok).

SK’s Alleged Ex Flame Says He Invited Her On Canceled Miami Trip In September 2022

Hannah is in her twenties and markets clothing online. She also claimed SK invited her to go on a yacht trip in Miami in September, a month before Love is Blind season 3 aired on Netflix. “The trip fell through due to his school event.”

Hannah, whose TikTok handle is @hannahbethstyle, posted the TikTok video late Friday night. She’d been teasing dropping the “receipts” of her potentially overlapping romantic relationship with SK for three days after posting a now-deleted teaser video three days prior. At one point she deleted the teaser video and Love Is Blind fans thought she may be lying for clout. In the comment section she explained she was waiting to talk to SK on Friday. She alleges he begged her not to publish evidence of their relationship. She also claims she contacted her immediately after the first video panicking.

SK & Raven on a Gondola Date On Love Is Blind Season 3

SK fondly reminiscing on meeting Raven on Love Is Blind season 3 in a now-deleted post (Instagram).

Although fans have long suspected Love Is Blind is in large part fake and scripted, this latest story appears to further confirm it. Fans are speculating that SK and Raven’s relationship may have been fake. Some believe it was a contracted relationship for a period of time, perhaps until the After the Altar season 3 episode airs.

Despite cheating rumors earlier in the week and a previous TikTok video, Raven stood by her man until late Sunday. Her Instagram had a bunch of couple pics with affectionate captions she deleted Sunday afternoon.

Earlier in the week, a San Francisco computer science student with the TikTok account @emmwho9 posted a TikTok video detailing her allegedly dating SK and meeting him on dating app Hinge. She says they stopped talking four months ago. She deleted the video after she sent it to Raven, who responded with a cryptic video saying he’s her man. Raven also deleted her response video. On Friday, perhaps in solidarity with Hannah, she made the video public again. But she again deleted it on Sunday.

TikTok User @emmwho9 Posting A Beach Pic

TikTok User @emmwho9, who alleges SK may have cheated on Raven by dating her (TikTok).

SK and Raven didn’t respond to the cheating allegations directly, but alluded to them in their joint breakup statement. Some fans have pointed out that Raven and SK reportedly took a break from dating each other after the show ended, so perhaps he was dating other girls in that timeframe, which wouldn’t be cheating then. Fans have also said they are in a long-distance relationship and could have had an open relationship.

Raven, in an interview with podcast host and Bachelor alumnus Nick Viall, said she and SK had been together pretty much the entire time since meeting on the show, but did have a period where they took a break.

“We’re still together, it’s been a while now,” she said in the interview on Nov. 10. “Like over a year, pretty much since filming. After filming, you know, we had a weird space for a while. He, I think within that week, had to move to California. So, we definitely had a long transition period where we like still talked. But I think it’s been a little over a year that we were officially like, ‘Okay, like you know, we’re going to be official and move forward, and kind of pick up where we left off. But there is so much love there. And, like, he’s literally my best friend. So yeah, we’ve been making it work between Texas and California.”

Raven also told Viall more about how they made their long-distance relationship work.

“But really, what makes it work for us is that we have such a strong foundation that’s really based in communication. So that I feel like is essentially what you need for a long-distance relationship. I trust him so much. And I also know that like we have such good communication skills between each other that if something’s wrong or someone needs a little bit extra, like for instance, having a rough week, we can be that for each other. So I think for me, what I’ve always looked for in a relationship is a really strong partnership, you know? And we really have that.

Back on Nov. 18, Hannah posted a video earlier on Friday foreshadowing her bombshell video about her alleged relationship with SK. “Women need to collectively stop protecting awful men. Enough.” After the video was released, fans in droves told Raven to dump SK for the cheating allegations throughout the weekend.

Hannah Beth on Instagram

Fashion Influencer Hannah Beth (Instagram).

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