Chef Anthony From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

Chef Anthony From Below Deck Season 11: Everything To Know

After Below Deck season 10‘s Chef Rachel Hargrove took a butcher knife and hacked up her three-season relationship with Bravo, quitting the show after trashing the network all over social media, Chef Anthony Iracane stepped in to take the role in superyacht St. David‘s galley. He made quite the impression on Chief Steward Fraser Olender when they first met in on episode 1’s sneak peak. “I like him. He’s identical to my ex,” Fraser said, after revealing he’s fluent in French. So, without further ado, lets learn more about Chef Anthony from Below Deck season 11.

“It’s not French cuisine, it’s Anthony cuisine,” Chef Anthony bragged on the Below Deck season 11’s second trailer. “I cook with my heart.”

Chef Anthony From Below Deck Season 11: Hometown, IG, Birthday, Food Truck Business, Ex Wife, More

Chef Anthony Iracane working on a charter

Chef Anthony Iracane working on a charter (Instagram).

“Born and raised in France. Now I’m actually in Miami and doing a lot of charters,” Chef Anthony explained to Captain Kerry Titheradge in the premiere. Chef Anthony’s Instagram shows he worked in Panama in 2017 and then moved to Florida in 2018. He grew up in the the small city of Nancy, France.

“Frenchie is here and guess what? I’m going to blow your mind. Cooking brings people together. You know you need this passion and love. Do a little French, French, oui, oui, uoi,” the jokester chef said in the premiere, too.

Chef Anthony's food truck business Snacky Bae

Chef Anthony’s food truck business Snacky Bae (Instagram).

In 2022 Anthony opened his food truck business called Snacky Bae, which offers French street food in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. His food trucks offer crepes, sandwiches, French onion soup, creme brulee, cheeses and charcuterie. When not working, Chef Anthony’s home city now is Fort Lauderdale, per Bravo.

The Parisian sandwich served from Chef Anthony's food truck

The Parisian sandwich served from Chef Anthony’s food truck (Instagram).

Chef Anthony has worked in the yachting industry for four years, usually working charter seasons in the Bahamas. He wants to work on yachts in the French Polynesian and Mediterranean eventually, too. His IG status currently promotes the superyacht Northrop And Johnson, which he works on as the boat’s chef.

Chef Anthony likes to golf, party, dine at restaurants, spend time with family and pet cat Mister Toons, and travel. He celebrates his birthday on August 26 and is a Virgo, which explains his perfectionism. Chef Anthony is sadly single these days after his wife left him for his uncle.

“I got married when I was 26. You know, we had a lot of plans to create a family. It was a big deal. So long story short, one of my uncles, he’s a Captain and he find, she’s a Chief Stew, right. So he find her a job {sic]. And you know, I’m still have no texts from her. No Phone call. I guess she just, uh, left me for my uncle, you know? You know, it was pretty [bleepy],” Chef Anthony said.

Chef Anthony with his wife at their wedding day at the start of their ill-fated marriage

Chef Anthony with his wife at their wedding day at the start of their ill-fated marriage (Bravo).

According to Bravo, his French kiss is his specialty and his best friend on the crew was Fraser.

Chef Anthony's current love, his cat Panther Toons

Chef Anthony’s current love, his cat Panther Toons (Instagram).

Chef Anthony’s French Culinary School, Food, Upscale Restaurant

One of Chef Anthony's seafood dishes

One of Chef Anthony’s seafood dishes (Instagram).

The French chef’s cockiness is well earned. His IG displays some of his mouthwatering and extremely well-plated culinary creations including: mini burgers, exotic avocado, shrimp and pineapple salad, smoked salmon rolls, fajitas, fillets of fish, pan-fried foie gras, seafood tapas, sushi, sashimi, filet mignon, lobster tail, chicken Milanese, smoked salmon eggs Benedict, and rosemary-garlic grilled lamb lollipops.

Chef Anthony’s best food dishes on Below Deck season 11 definitely impressed the charter guests, too.

“French modern with added inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine. I’m French/Italian so maybe that’s why. And I enjoy working with bright colorful ingredients. I don’t really follow a recipe, I prefer to listen to my heart. I like to say I make my plate as an artist who paints a canvas, I just follow my instincts,” Chef Anthony explained to Denison Yachting.

Chef Anthony also says he can make any ingredients work when making a meal. He also likes to get his fresh ingredients from little markets and work with an array of colorful veggies. His most popular food request is French food due to his accent. Below Deck season 11 should be a piece of cake for Chef Anthony, he’s previously cooked for groups of 30.

A surf and turf meal made by Chef Anthony

A surf and turf meal made by Chef Anthony (Instagram).

“My love of food came at an early age. When I was a little kid I was always cooking something for my parents. My dad worked all week, so Friday night when he finally got home I was so excited to make him something special. I was very young, so my mum was always making a double dinner, mine and hers, but they played the game. My dad passed away and didn’t get to see where I am now. So, every day, every meal, I try to do my very best to make him proud of me,” Anthony explained in his interview with Denison Yachting.

“At 21, I opened my first restaurant called The Panama, like the town. It was like French fusion with South American and Miami vibes. So, I tried to bring Miami vibe in my own town of Nancy, France,” Chef Anthony explained about his upscale restaurant he used to run. He’s very close to his mom, but his dad tragically died of a heart attack a couple of years before Anthony went on the show.

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