Below Deck: Everything to Know About Fraser Olender

Below Deck fans still don’t really know who 2nd Stew Fraser Olender is yet. Perhaps it’s due to Fraser’s cast members like Rayna Lindsey stealing the spotlight. However, that’s going to change when episode 6 airs and Below Deck fans get to see lead deckhand Jake Foulger making out with Fraser.

Who is Fraser Olender?

Fraser Olender, age 28, reveals a lot about his swanky, jet-setting lifestyle on his Instagram. The gay Below Deck star stays in luxurious hotels across the globe like in Saint-Tropez (France), The Four Seasons resort in Bali (Indonesia), Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Kefallinia (Greece), Hvar (Croatia), Portofino (Italy), Monaco, among many more!

On top of globe-trotting and staying in 5-star hotels, Fraser also likes to drive luxury sports cars like this Lamborghini.

The British chap appears to come from an upper-class family that likes to vacation a lot, like skiing and snowmobiling in Aspen, Colorado.

Fraser, when not shirtless, is always impeccably well-dressed in designer clothes.

Fraser’s Jobs

Fraser had experience as a yachtie before joining fan-favorite Captain Lee’s crew on Below Deck season 9. But before working on superyachts like the My Seanna, Fraser was an agent for a modeling agency, according to LinkedIn. Would it be possible he’d try to recruit his boatmance crush, bosun Jake Foulger, to model?

His LinkedIn profile now says he is a “Chief Steward”, so maybe he’s been promoted since starring on Below Deck, watch out Chief Stewardess Heather Chase!

Fraser also went to the University of Buckingham for psychology.

Fraser’s Personality on Below Deck

Fraser Olender is an outgoing interior crew member on the My Seanna with a strong personality.

He definitely has a backbone and won’t put up with being attacked, like when he told off Below Deck Mediterranean OG Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier on Twitter.

By episode 5, he’s stuck in the middle between Heather and 3rd Stewardess Jessica Albert. At the start of season 9 Heather and Fraser clashed. He didn’t like Heather bossing him around to take care of cleaning rooms and mixing drinks. Perhaps Fraser is used to giving orders and not receiving them due to his posh background. Despite living in luxury, Fraser is no slouch. He prides himself in working very hard while on the clock and doing a bang up job.

Either way, previews for episode 6 make it look like Heather and Fraser may become closer because Jessica seems to be struggling to pull her own weight.

Work aside, the rest of the crew members appear to really like the fun-loving stew. Jake and Rayna kind of have an odd throuple relationship going on with Fraser. He also has shown his affection for playing even harder than he works, being one of the last to bed after a long party night at the bars and in the hot tub.

It’s still early going in season 9 of Below Deck, so a lot more about Fraser Olender will be sketched out in the weeks to come. Bravo’s Below Deck airs at 9 pm ET on Mondays.

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