Love is Blind Locations: Jewel on Landmark Apartments, Malibu Ranch, Santa Clarita Pods

Love is Blind's Jewel on Landmark, Malibu, Pods Locations

Find out the Love Is Blind season 3 locations: Jewel on Landmark apartments north of Dallas, Texas, Malibu getaway vacation, pods & more (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 3 started in the same pods where some of the original cast members met their future loves of their lives, however they were moved from Atlanta to Santa Clarita, California. The Love Is Blind‘s location of the pods was changed because the studio was always supposed to be in California, however, during the pandemic Atlanta was the only place in the country with a big enough lot to fit the 10 sets of pods. After their engagement, the five couples eventually returned to their home city of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to try living with their new engaged partner.

The Love Is Blind production paid for them to stay in an apartment together for a few weeks before their weddings. Love Is Blind season 3 couples stayed at the beautiful new luxury apartment building called Jewel On Landmark. Here’s everything fans need to know about the Love Is Blind locations where the show’s filming took place.

Love Is Blind Mexican Resort Engagement Getaway Was Replaced By Malibu Ranch In Season 3

Love Is Blind Season 3's Malibu Villa Resort In California

Love Is Blind season 3 couples didn’t go to a Mexican resort like the past two seasons, instead staying at a Malibu ranch in California less than an hour drive from the pods (Netflix).

The first two seasons of Love Is Blind the engaged couples flew down to Mexico for a romantic getaway after finally seeing each other for the first time. They stayed at beautiful resorts, but in season 3 they stayed at a Malibu ranch instead. The beautiful Love Is Blind location where Colleen Reed and Cole Barnett infamously flirted in the infinity pool is called Calamigos Guest Ranch & Beach Club. The luxurious private cottages the couples stayed in cost $650-$730 USD a night!

Despite the third episode cutting to a plane landing before showing co-hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo driving to the ranch in Malibu. The cut scene of the plane duped a lot of fans into thinking the cast flew down to Mexico again. In reality, Malibu is only a 50-minute drive from the pods in Santa Clarita. It’s hardly the fakest thing the scripted show‘s production has done.

The Calamigos Guest Ranch & Beach Club’s Instagram shows that the resort also hosts weddings.

Love Is Blind‘s Jewel On Landmark Apartment Building Is Located In North Dallas, Texas

The high-end apartments all the Love Is Blind season 3 couples stayed in after their romantic fairy tale getaway is called the Jewel On Landmark. The name is hard to miss as the buildings name is emblazoned on its facade with bold white letters.

The units in the Jewel On Landmark range from small bachelor apartments of 500 sq.ft. to 1,000 sq.ft. lofts, all the way to two-bedroom apartments with 1,639 sq.ft. The apartments have chic decor and the apartment is stylized as a resort-style oasis. 

The Jewel On Landmark offers residents a “24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center, and an expansive clubhouse with a pool table and movie room” on top of the courtyard pool. Although the cast members kept saying they were finally back in the real world living in the apartments, it looks like they still were still living in luxury once they returned to Dallas. The Jewel On Landmark is actually in Addison, Texas, just north of downtown Dallas.

The other various homes of parents and different cast members throughout the latter part of show are in Dallas and the surrounding area, including Fort-Worth.

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