Brian From The Ultimatum: Job, Business, Baby, Age, IG, More

Brian From The Ultimatum: Job, Business, Baby, Age, IG, More

An unofficial poll on Reddit shows “Hooters” destroying #SurprisePregnancy in terms of IG mentions by a factor of 15. Whatever Brian Okoye, aka Brian from The Ultimatum may want to vote for, his choice has been made for him. We have confirmation that Lisa Horne had his child after speculation she faked the pregnancy. Even though Lisa has apologized for her controlling, jealous and abusive behavior on The Ultimatum, fans are not letting her or Brian off the hook. Fans criticize him for not reassuring Lisa, not knowing what he wants, and allegedly going along with Lisa’s “baby trap.” However, we know that he has defended her so he’s at peace with his decision, whatever else is going on. But have we missed something here?

Brian From The Ultimatum: Marketing/Tech Job, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Age, IG, Work Experience, Education, Nigerian Background

Aspiring media marketing mogul Brian Oyokein

Aspiring media marketing mogul Brian Oyokein (Instagram).

At 29 years of age, Brian owns marketing agency Spiral World, and is a Sagittarius with a birthday of December 11. There aren’t many posts on Brian’s IG, suggesting a profile wipe of some sort. He and Lisa dated for six months in a situationship before being exclusive for a year . This may have contributed in no small amount to the jealousy and possessiveness we see in their relationship. Brian does seem to have leveraged some powerful relationships as Spiral World looks very professional. According to his LinkedIn, Brian has worked with some big-name companies, developing software for Wells Fargo and Live Nation. Other companies Brian has worked for include Electrolux and Cisco. So how come he was worried about being financially stable before marriage?

Brain back in the day traveling

Brain back in the day traveling (Instagram).

In 2016, Brian graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems and Services. He was also a member of the local chapter of the Collegiate 100, a fairly exclusive mentoring program for Black men across the country. Just like the name says, only 100 men out of all the Black students on campus in America make it into this program. Once again, Brian has no shortage of personal cachet, which makes his dependence on Lisa even stranger. Brian doesn’t confirm this, but several other family members mention their Nigerian heritage if the last name “Okoye” wasn’t a giveaway. None of this exactly proves that Brian was unfaithful to Lisa, but we’ve encountered dudes like Brian who had similar-sounding commitment issues before.

Brian From The Ultimatum: Brian’s Relationship Status, Family With Lisa, Basketball Pro Bro

Lisa and Brian together, and follow each other, but there’s no indication that they are married. That means that even if Lisa “trapped” Brian, we never got an answer to the ultimatum (which Lisa issued, remember.) Most of Brian’s family connections are secret. However we can be pretty sure that international basketball player Stan Okoye is Brian’s brother. The 6 foot 6 inch Stan currently plays for Spanish team MoraBanc Andora. He has played for Greek, French, Italian, and Israeli basketball leagues. If you scroll down Brian’s Twitter/X, you can find Brian RT’ing clips of some of Stan’s best plays. We can also confirm the name of Lisa’s 10-year old daughter who’s bonded with Brian per Lisa’s Facebook. One picture on Lisa’s FB shows Rachel has made a heart in the sand with her name.

Let’s hope that, despite all the controversy, Brian and Lisa are able to keep things stable for their new baby and future married life.

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