BB 25: America Competed In Mr. Breast Competition & Placed 14th

BB 25: America Competed In Mr. Breast Competition & Placed 14th

Big Brother 25 houseguest America Lopez had previous experience in grueling endurance competitions before making it to the end of The Pressure Cooker competition (we won’t spoil if she or someone else won the HOH though before Sunday night’s episode). Before lasting nearly 14 hours holding a button in the Scaryverse version of the Pressure Cooker, America told other houseguests about competing in a Mr. Beast competition.

Mr. Beast, the biggest YouTuber on the planet, often hosts extraordinary challenges where everyday people and fans of his channel compete against each other. During the pandemic, Mr. Beast and his crew created an app and allowed fans to compete to see who could keep their finger on their phone screen the longest. Over a million Mr. Beast fans competed in the competition, including America alongside her ex boyfriend.

America Competed In Mr. Beast Competition & Lasted Over Two Days Before Going On BB 25

“I did a competition a few years ago, called Finger on the App, and it was during covid quarantine. He has an app, you download it. You put your finger on the app, whoever keeps it the longest wins $20,000… Me and my ex boyfriend, we didn’t prepare at all… I got 14th place, I didn’t get any money, I was pissed,” America told Izzy Gleicher and Bowie Jane before the HOH comptetion.

“I did something similar a coupe years ago. Do you know Mr. Beast? He did Finger on the App challenge, 2020 summer, I was unemployed. So I did it, and I got 14th place out of like a million players. I had my finger on the app for over 46 hours… You have to move the finger every three to five seconds. There’s a dot on the screen and then it moves every three or four seconds, move it, glide it down, or you’d lose,” America told other houseguests while competing in The Pressure Cooker competition.

Apparently she didn’t sleep the entire time.

“My boyfriend helped me go the bathroom. He helped me eat.

“No, I didn’t win. He started giving out money at the top ten I think. But it ended up going for like 70-something hours… for the final three I think.

“I started hallucinating [bleep].”

After the final four didn’t give up after three days in, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson gave all of them a $20,000 prize. Originally, first place was supposed to get paid $25,000. Mr. Beast also paid some of the players in the top ten, including two players $5,000 each and $10,000 each to two other players. Unfortunately America lost right before he started offering cash prizes. At least America didn’t lose by accidentally having Siri interrupt the game.

The online app game was so popular Mr. Beast hosted a second competition. This one didn’t go as smoothly and had a lot of issues.

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