Below Deck Med: Myiesha ‘Mye’ Griffin & Other Charter Guests

Below Deck Med: Myiesha 'Mye' Griffin & Other Charter Guests

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 was overdue for some a cool, polite and nice group of charter guests after a lot of annoying/forgettable ones. Primary charter guest Myiesha Griffin and her girlfriends: Deidra, Whitley, Elizabeth, Stacie, Roniesha, and Eboni. The all-ladies-charter had a shortened time on superyacht Home, so hopefully they didn’t have to pay the standard full amount for the yacht stay. Despite a shortened trip, they got to enjoy Maltese pop star Destiny Chukunyere singing for them. Here’s more about Below Deck Med‘s Myiesha Griffin and her girlfriends who may compete for nicest charter guests in franchise history against BDSY season 3’s Lane Merrifield’s group of Canadians.

Who Is Myiesha ‘Mye’ Griffin & Her Girlfriend Charter Guests From Below Deck Med Season 7

Myiesha ‘Mye’ Griffin hails from Nashville, Tennessee.

Here’s her bio from the preference sheet on Below Deck Med season 7, episode 13.

“Myiesha is an IT Project Manager with an adventurous side, a ‘need for speed’ and can’t wait to play with all of the water toys! She is thrilled to be vacationing with all of her successful girlfriends and looks forward to relaxing, throwing her hair up, celebrating the successes of womanhood and wants to ‘relish in femininity’!”
Myiesha used to work as a broadcast journalist before she got got into the IT field, per her LinkedIn. She also previously did jobs as a social media coordinator and as a sales manager and marketing manager. She also went to the University of Memphis for broadcast journalism.
Fans won’t have to worry about this group of ladies tearing each other down like Erica Rose‘s group of mean girls on BDSY season 2.
Myiesha brought her close friends along for the superyacht vacation in Malta.
Friend Deidra is a Project Coordinator for a big hotel chain. She loves bourbon and requested “fresh flowers and plenty of crisp white towels”. Whitley is the owner of Healing and Fitness Bar, “a company that helps women tap into feminine sexuality through fitness and yoga with cannabis”.
Charter guest Elizabeth owns a dog fashion line and “is on a mission to dress every cute pooch in America”. Meanwhile, Stacie specializes in specialty CBD butters. Roniesha  is a therapist from Mississippi area and Eboni is a mother and business owner.

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