Below Deck Med New Deckhand: Reid Jenkins Replaces Jason

Below Deck Med New Deckhand Reid Jenkins Replaces Jason

Find out everything you need to know about Below Deck Med new deckhand Reid Jenkins, who replaces Jason Gaskell when he quits season 7 (Bravo).

There’s a Below Deck Med new deckhand named Reid Jenkins soon to arrive on superyacht Home. Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 star Jason Gaskell‘s Eeyore negativity has him marooned from the rest of his deck crew. Jason’s temper tantrums, disrespectful tone, questioning of Bosun Storm Smith‘s instructions, and lack of initiative all grate on his boss Storm, Courtney Veale, and Zee Dempers. Eventually, a miserable Jason voluntarily walks the plank, quitting before the end of the charter season. In a bind, Captain Sandy Yawn found a new deckhand replacement, Reid Jenkins, to join the Below Deck Med season 7 crew. Here’s everything you need to know about Reid Jenkins.

Below Deck Med New Deckhand Reid Jenkins Is An American Yachtie

Below Deck Med New Deckhand Reid Jenkins On Season 7

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7’s replacement deckhand for Jason Gaskell is American Reid Jenkins (Instagram).

The new deckhand Jenkins Reid, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has over three years of experience in the yachting world, according to Bravo. The yachtie, who’s originally from Decatur, Alabama, also seems a lot more cheerful than down-in-the-dumps Jason. Reid’s Instagram shows he loves football, hockey, and hanging out with friends and family. He also likes to party and travel. Reid currently has a girlfriend, Kassidy McGhee. However, it’s unclear if they were dating when he joined the Below Deck Med season 7 crew.

Below Deck Med Season 7's New Deckhand Reid Jenkins

Below Deck Med season 7’s new deckhand Reid Jenkins with his girlfriend (Instagram).

He switched his major in college “several times” and lived in Washington D.C. briefly. He finished his degree in political science and public relations at the University of Alabama, per Reid’s LinkedIn.

“With over three years of experience in the yachting and marine industry, Reid isn’t afraid of the blood, sweat and tears that yachting entails,” reads part of his bio. “Never one to stand around, he’s always itching for action and the chance to pitch in to get things done.”

After the show Reid now works as a captain for small yacht deliveries and does freelance deckhand gigs on the side. He eventually wants to start his own yacht surveying business with his father one day. Reid also loves to scuba dive and volunteer in his spare time.

Reid announced he was leaving his previous fifteen-months-long job working on superyacht Excellence on August 21, 2021, at the time the show was filming. If Reid quit his other job to start his “new one” on superyacht Home it would mean Below Deck Med season 7 production already planned for Jason’s exit well before he quit! Jason quit the day after Deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers’ birthday, which is September 24th, a whole month after Reid left his other job! Parts of the reality TV show are staged on Below Deck. This includes Captain Sandy hiring the crew. Perhaps Jason quitting was planned all along by production.

There were lost of signs Jason was going to quit Below Deck Med season 7. Midway through the season airing, Jason blasted his bad show edit, deleted Instagram and pointed out that he tied a correct bowline knot variation.

Below Deck fans will have to wait for Below Deck Mediterranean season 7’s new crew member to join superyacht Home on episode 14. Hopefully he breathes some new life into the season, which a lot of fans are complaining has had a bad crew dynamic all season thus far.

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