Below Deck Med: Jason Deletes Instagram & Slams Show Edit

Below Deck Med: Jason Gaskell Deletes Instagram Account After Slamming Bad Show Edit

Deckhand Jason Gaskell appears to have deleted his Instagram account after calling out his bad edit on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7. The ex finance world traveler first turned his IG account private after the past few episodes of Below Deck Med aired. He also implied he had a bad edit in two recent Instagram posts before his account disappeared.

Below Deck Med season 7's Jason Gaskell's Instagram Account No Longer Active

Jason Gaskell’s Instagram disappeared after Below Deck Med season 7 episode 9 aired, suggesting he deleted it (Instagram).

Below Deck Med‘s Jason Gaskell Blasts Bad Edit On Show Before Deleting His Instagram Account

Jason shared a post pointing out he correctly tied a bowline knot in one of his last Instagram posts.

Jason Gaskell Posts Bowline Knot Variations Pointing Out He Was Right On Below Deck Med

Deckhand Jason Gaskell posted different variations of the bowline knot after Below Deck Med season 7 episode 8 aired where Storm accused him of not tying a bowline knot correctly (Instagram).

Although Jason didn’t call out the show producers directly for a bad edit, he posted another indirect dig at his portrayal on Below Deck Med season 7. Although the post disappeared, Jason addressed his swimming away from Storm when he was yelling instructions at him. Jason claimed there were 15 knot winds and he was quite far away from Storm, so Storm wouldn’t be heard by anyone but himself because of the loud gusts.

Jason also shared a post of new men’s underwear he designed for his clothing company Sextant Sailing. In that post he also mentioned that he gave a pair to Andy Cohen when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live. He went on the show alongside his co-star, Chief Stew Natasha Webb in early August when only Below Deck Med season 7’s first few episodes had aired. While on the show he alluded to a tempest brewing between him and Storm later on in the charter season.

Jason isn’t even close to the first Below Deck cast member to claim a bad edit on the show. Below Deck season 9‘s Deckhand Rayna Lindsey blasted the show as fake and scripted. More recently, Chef Rachel Hargrove slammed the show producers and Bravo for show shenanigans while quitting Below Deck for good. (Although she already starred in the upcoming Below Deck season 10.)

Jason Leaves Below Deck Med Season 7 & New Replacement Deckhand Joins Show

There are lots of signs Jason Gaskell quits Below Deck Med season 7, but whether he quits or is fired, he almost certainly leaves the show. The top clue Jason leaves the show is that there’s a replacement deckhand joining the show.

Yachtie Deckhand Reid Jenkins’s Instagram shows he left another yachting job at the time Below Deck Med season 7 was filming on superyacht Home off the coast of Malta. He also posted a picture of him vacationing in Malta at the time the season wrapped up filming. Finally, most of the Below Deck Med season 7 cast follows Reid, as well as season 7’s show runner.

Deckhand Reid Jenkins Vacationing In Malta After Likely Replacing Jason On Below Deck Med Season 7

Yachtie Reid Jenkins vacationing in Malta at the time Below Deck Med season 7 wrapped up filming, suggesting he replaces Jason after he leaves the show (Instagram).

In Below Deck Med season 7 episode 9 Jason’s portrayal on screen continued to look bad. He mocked Courtney Veale‘s cute and fun rap. Jason also took 30 minutes longer on break than Bosun Storm Smith told him to take and didn’t respond to his radio repeatedly. He also said that he felt like an outsider on the deck team and that Storm, Courtney and Zee Dempers formed clique. Perhaps the deck team was mean to Jason in cut footage and that’s why he appears so standoffish and unmotivated on the show.

Whatever the case, it appears Jason got fed up with fans attacking him online after judging his work ethic and attitude based on the show edit, deciding to delete his Instagram account. Whether or not Jason was portrayed fairly on Below Deck Med season 7 remains ambiguous. But fans hope Jason returns for the reunion episode so he can plead his case.

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