What Happened To Tanner After Below Deck Season 7

What Happened To Tanner Sterback After Below Deck Season 7

Deckhand Tanner Sterback didn’t make the best impression as a cast member on Below Deck season 7. Being part of the Bru Crew while filming in Thailand, fans charged Tanner with being misogynistic and rude several times throughout the season. Tanner participated in bullying fellow Deckhand Rhylee Gerber alongside his deck mates Ashton Pienaar and Brian de Saint Pern. He led on Second Stewardess Simone when they hooked up, then casually brushed her aside to dance with a club go-go dancer. Throughout the season he hounded Chief Stew Kate Chastain for sex. On top of that, he got so drunk he puked. However, through it all, he somehow still remained charming enough that Kate still found him attractive at the reunion episode. Here’s what happened to Tanner from Below Deck season 7 after the cameras stopped rolling.

Tanner & His Girlfriend After Below Deck Season 7 Are In A Serious Relationship

Tanner Celebrating Girlfriend Trisha's 37th Birthday

Tanner From Below Deck season 7 celebrating his girlfriend Trisha’s 37th birthday (Instagram).

It looks like after saying “Jiminy Cricket” incessantly in Below Deck season 7, Tanner finally listened to his conscious and transformed from a fake bru to a real man. Tanner, from Long Island, New York, acted as a player while on Below Deck. Not only did he hook up with Simone and chase after Kate during season 7, he also said he hooked up with charter guest and chef Justine Dorae Vastano (the one who infuriated Chef Kevin Dobson by telling him to step up his game).

Tanner is now dating girlfriend Trisha Lynn for the past couple of years and they live together now. While on Below Deck, Tanner repeatedly talked about how he was attracted to older women, and that’s why he was interested in Kate Chastain. It turns out that wasn’t just a phase, as Tanner, age 29, is eight years younger than Trisha. Tanner turn 30 on January 4th birthday in 2023. The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary cooking dinner together in February. Trisha and Tanner also have two dogs.

Tanner, who is the youngest of four and very close with his mom. Fans will recall her squeaky high-pitch voice on phone calls and her telling Tanner not to impregnate anyone. He still remains close with his family, and enjoys spending time with his nephews.

Tanner appears to have matured a lot since his player Bru Crew days on Below Deck season 7.

Tanner Nearly Died After Being Hit By Car

Shortly after the reunion and Below Deck season 7 wrapped up airing on Bravo, Tanner was nearly killed by car hitting him. Tanner got hit by a car while riding his electric skateboard.

He suffered a fractured skull and abrasions on his arms. Tanner was knocked unconscious from the accident and woke up in the Broward trauma center ICU where the “sublime doctors” helped him on his “intimidating” road to recovery. After a week in the hospital Tanner was able to go back home to his “family with love and gratitude.”

He opened up more about how the accident has severely impacted his life on Below Deck Med stars Alex Radcliffe and Anastasia Surmava’s podcast Altered Reality. “The whole left side of my brain popped every capillary. And it’s changed everything,” said Tanner about his accident. He no longer can party and has a tough time regulating his mood. He also suffers from depression due to the brain injury.

However, it looks like Tanner has bounced back as best he can after his near-death experience. Besides meeting his serious girlfriend, he’s also gone on family trips to the Bahamas and Florida. He’s also big into golf and spear fishing.

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