Big Brother’s Luke Posts Non-Apology Video After Racial Slur Scandal

Big Brother's Luke Posts Non-Apology Video After Racial Slur Scandal

Big Brother 25 houseguest Luke Valentine who was kicked off the show after saying the N-word while on the livestream feed has posted an odd video after his expulsion. Big Brother‘s Luke doesn’t appear to be regretful for his axing from the show, though.

Luke posted the video on his X (Twitter) account on Sunday, August 13, hours before the latest episode of BB 25 was about to drop.

“Hey guys, just letting you know, I’m alive, I’ve arrived, and you’ve got to keep the flame stoked. Until next time, we can’t burnout. No, no, no. The fires of love will continue to burn baby. So thank you for all the memes. Thank you for all the support and the kinds words, now we’re just waiting on Duke,” Luke said from what looks like a neighborhood in his hometown of Coral Springs, Florida with headphones on.

Since getting booted from the show, Luke also shared a bunch of clips of his time on the show from fans. He also The clips show the odd goofball visual artist confusing his fellow houseguests with his eccentric banter and behavior. He also posted a response in the comments that he was shocked when he found out he was getting expelled from the show.

“I was living rent free in their heads,” Luke also said on X (Twitter) about his gameplay against Blue Kim and Jag Bains. “I was too powerful. They knew it.”

So far he hasn’t posted an apology for uttering the N-word and shared a video of a black co-star also using the word.

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While in the Humiliverse bedroom, Luke called fellow white castmate Cory Wurtenberger the racial slur in a nonchalant, friendly manner. He said the N-word while in front of black houseguest Jared Fields and Muslim castmate Hasim Goueli.

“I’ve never seen that pariah behavior like on the first boot. They usually do that later on when it gets a lot more tense… When we were in the [bleeping] cheese room n***a… dude, anyways. We were in the [bleeping] cheese room, I’m sorry!” Luke said to the shock of the other houseguests.

Cory and Hasim abruptly left the conversation after he said it. Meanwhile, Jared laughed it off.

“It wasn’t what you thought I was doing, I was gonna call him a narwhale. I was gonna call him a narwhale,” digital artist Luke said in a panic to Jared.

“I don’t give a [bleep],” Jared said in response. “Anyway, it sucks bro because to see her going through that right now, bro.”

The following morning, Luke was called to the diary room and informed he was kicked off the show.

Luke’s father spoke to TMZ and told them his son isn’t racist and comes from a family with a black stepmom and mixed-race step-siblings.

“Luke’s father says his son has many family members who are Black, including a stepmom and step-siblings, as well as biracial cousins … and he says Luke is absolutely not a racist and was not raised in a racist family.”

His dad also told TMZ he’s never heard his son use a racial slur before. But he agreed it was wrong for Luke to say it.

Luke also shared clips of BB 25 live feed footage of POC houseguests talking about the white cast. He asked what he “unleashed” on the house.

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