Love Is Blind’s Mackenzie: Who’s The Woman That Pees In The Pool

Love Is Blind's Mackenzie: Who's The Woman That Pees In The Pool

Not all of the cast of Love Is Blind season 6 got much screentime outside of the five couples who formed and the four rejected in love triangles: Matthew Duliba, Sarah Ann, Jessica Vestal, and Trevor Sova. However, Love Is Blind‘s Mackenzie Tenold punched well above her screentime in being memorable because of her ridiculous statement she made admitting she pees in the pool

“I was like, ‘In the shower?’ He said yes. I said, ‘I pee in the pool and shower,'” Mackenzie told her friends in the pods, Brittany Miller and Jessica Vestal.

“Pee in the pool?!” a shocked AD (Amber Desiree Smith) asked. “It’s a crime friend. That’s a crime against humanity. I’m appalled.”

Mackenzie will be forever known as the woman on Love Is Blind who admitted on international reality TV she pees in pools. Sadly she didn’t get any more airtime in the pods, which fans asked her about.

“I see all of your sweet comments like that and I have no answer other than that’s just how filming and production works. So kind that you didn’t cancel me for admitting that I pee in the pool because everybody pees in the pool, you can’t change my mind,” Mackenzie said in an Instagram post.

“I’m just thankful for the experience and the amazing friends that I made… Anyway, if you want to invite me to your pool party, I’ll wear a swim diaper,” she add in her Instagram reel. So, there you have it folks. Mackenzie still thinks everyone pees in the pool, just that many won’t admit it.

Love Is Blind‘s Mackenzie: Instagram, TikTok, Age, Birthday, Job, More

Love Is Blind season 6 stars Mackenzie and Brittany hitting the town together

Love Is Blind season 6 stars Mackenzie and Brittany hitting the town together (Instagram).

Mackenzie definitely gets a little bit of screentime after the pods. At least fans won’t only remember her off-colored comments. The previews for upcoming episodes show Mackenzie getting some more time on the show. She and Jessica return for a get-together with cast members who didn’t get engaged to hangout with the couples.

Mackenzie’s Instagram shows the stunning blonde became good friends with Jess since they met on the show. The two even attended a Drake concert together in the fall of 2023. She also besties with Brittany from the show, too.

Originally from Iowa, she graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019. Mackenzie’s turned age 25 on her April 28th birthday in 2023. Mackenzie’s zodiac sign is Taurus, which explains her stubbornness in insisting peeing in the pool is normal despite all the fan responses to the contrary.

She comes from a big family with three brothers and they love to spend lots of time at their home away from home in Florida. Mackenzie’s TikTok includes a bunch of tutorials on applying makeup and want products to use. The professional makeup artist is also promoting her “content creator and makeup artist” website too. The Love Is Blind season 6 cast member is proving the old adage right: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


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