Who’s Trevor From Love Is Blind Season 6: IG, Dogs, Job, Age, More

Who's Trevor From Love Is Blind Season 6: IG, Dogs, Job, Age, More

It’s rare for male Love Is Blind pod people to genuinely deserve better, but Trevor Sova is that guy. The muscled-up, mullet-sporting Trevor went all-in declaring his love for flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell. As we went into Episode 5 of Love Is Blind season 6, however, it was clear that Chelsea was favoring Jimmy Presnell’s proposal. Chelsea couldn’t tell Trevor for sure whether she said yes to Jimmy because he went first. He showed a lot of maturity in dealing with Chelsea’s decision.

However, as is commonly the case with close calls on Love Is Blind, it looks like Trevor returns for another shot at Chelsea. You had to hang on until the very end of the teaser to see them sitting together. This is exactly what fans like @_sweetserenity mean when they say, “He never once pressured Chelsea and even in the end he handled her rejection with such kindness and understanding.” This raises questions about beyond what we saw on the show, who is Trevor from Love Is Blind? 

Who’s Trevor From Love Is Blind? IG, Endorsement Deal, Pet Dogs, Fandom, Injury, Job, Age, Relationship Status, Gym Stats

Trevor Sova from Love Is Blind season 6 (Instagram).

Trevor Sova from Love Is Blind season 6 with his two dogs (Instagram).

You won’t learn a lot of details about the man from Trevor’s Instagram. At the moment, it only has just over 3,000 followers and 14 posts. His stories indicate that he has a deal with Accelerator Active Energy drinks, as he shouts them out. It’s likely he drank several on the show. He’s a committed dog lover and a Los Angeles Lakers fan. Trevor’s current pups are Great Danes Bear and Goliath, but he sadly lost his beloved Boxer Duke after 12 love-filled years. He also lost his other dog, named Chelsea (a Great Dane) coincidentally, in April of 2023.

Beyond this, Trevor is obsessed with the gym and lifting giant weights. He boasts a 25 minute cardio time and can press 150 pounds in each hand. This is impressive, but taking on too much weight did lead to a rotator cuff tear earlier this year. Other details of Trevor’s life are a mystery, but this profile says he works as a technician for Cardinal Health. His profile lists him as being 31 years of age, but we do not know his birthday. It also really does not seem like Trevor is in a relationship at this point. Maybe and adoring fan will take him off the single market.

Trevor's late dog Chelsea who he talked about to his love-interest Chelsea

Trevor’s late dog Chelsea who he talked about to his love-interest Chelsea (Instagram).

Who’s Trevor From Love Is Blind? Cast Friendships, Interviews, History With Show

Trevor has done a few interviews since the show, including this one where he claims that he forgot Chelsea was talking to other guys in the pods? This is very strange because we know all the guys compare notes in the men’s quarters. He also says that he still feels that if he had been first to ask for Chelsea’s hand, she would have said yes. In the longer version of the same interview, he also admits that he never watched the show before going on camera.

However, it’s no surprise, given Trevor’s relaxed personality, that he has no beefs with any cast members. He admits in this interview that he is still on good terms with Jimmy and even Chelsea. Trevor may have left without a partner, but if the comments on his socials are anything to go by he is getting lots of interest from fans of the show.

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