Alone Season 1 Cast What Happened After The Show (& Bios)

Alone Season 1 Cast What Happened After The Show (& Bios)

A breakout hit on the History Channel before being acquired by Netflix, Alone set the tone for survival reality TV. Taking hardened outdoorspeople and documenting their attempts to live in extreme conditions is a formula for success. While Netflix’s newer show Outlast  took several cues from Alone, there are several differences. Importantly, there are no teams (except for season 4), and no Big Brother like twists and backstabs in Alone. Each individual documents their own journey, meaning that the usual allegations of bad edits are few and far between. There are no item drops or treasure hunting. Instead the competitors pick ten survival items at the beginning which have to last as long as they do. The prize is usually $1 million USD, although it was $500,000 USD in season 1.

Many competitors are evacuated due to injuries, mental breakdowns, or emergency situations. In that respect Alone season 1, which premiered on June 18, 2015, was relatively tame. Most of the contestants left because of weather conditions, losing equipment or wild animal encounters. So, all the members of the Alone season 1 cast are alive and well, and we can see how they are doing.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Alan Kay Continued Working With The Show, Has A New Family And Partner

Alan with his new partner Nicole Apelian, a competitor on Alone season 2

Alan with his new partner Nicole Apelian, a competitor on Alone season 2 (Instagram).

Winner Alan Kay took home the title in season 1 after lasting 56 days in the wilderness of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Over that time, he lost 46 pounds. But Alan also experienced a loss of another kind, which was clear when he returned home. His time in the bush changed him and he no longer recognized his family. It looks like Alan has found a new love with season 2 competitor Nicole Apelian and is also described as her partner per this article. Their four children appear to form a blended family.

Alan appears on survivalist YouTube channels Survival Dispatch and ON Three. He has endorsed products such as LuminAid Packlights. His involvement with the show continues as he served as the narrator for Alone, and he currently runs the Wildland Studies Group.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Sam Larson Is Still Married And Has Become The Face Of The Show

Alone star Sam Larson with his wife on a movie night after they had their first kid

Alone star Sam Larson with his wife on a movie night after they had their first kid (Instagram).

Runner-up Sam Larson has become an unofficial ambassador for the show, too. Though the largest of eight storms in season 1 forced him to quit, he returned and won season 5. Currently 31 years-old and hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Sam is happily married to Sydney and has three children. Sam is deeply involved in his community and is a Church Planter with the Sower Church in Nebraska. Sam’s Instagram demonstrates his love of his family and being in nature. He’s the author of To Tread In Wild Places: An Introductory Guide To Wilderness Living Skills. He regularly participates on the Nebraskaland radio show/podcast and gave a TedX talk in 2019 about getting out in nature.

At one point Sam was the head of Woodsong Wilderness Education, and he has done two Reddit AMAs about his time on the show.

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Alone Season 1 Cast: Mitch Mitchell Went Back To Support His Family

Alone S1: What Happened To Mitch Mitchell, Third Place Finisher?

Third place finisher Mitch Mitchell left after 43 days when he decided he needed to support his mom. She was sick with cancer, and Mitch wasn’t interested in a winner-takes-all competition. He’s mostly to be found on YouTube. On his Instagram account, you can see that he is likely still married and has two daughters. He’s a fan of old school games, a Star Wars fan, loves the New England Patriots and is a member of the Hillsong Church.

Mitch makes and sells wilderness gear, hand-carved materials and teaches people how to survive in the wild. He does all this through his business, The Native Survival School. Now 42, Mitch is friends with Sam Larson and travels around North America to wander through the wilderness.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Lucas Miller Became A Consultant For The Show

Alone Season 1: What Happened To Lucas Miller, Fourth Place Finisher?

Lucas Miller, age 41, came to Alone with a go-with-the-flow attitude and did very well, lasting 39 days. He is still married to his wife Kahlo and has a son named Bering. He and Kahlo are committed to an alternative lifestyle where electronics are limited. Lucas continues to make his own clothes and display his expertise in identifying edible berries. He has acted as a consultant for Alone and participated in a spin-off show, Alone: The Skills Challenge. Lucas has also been described as a “wilderness therapist” and had the show’s only semi-viral moment with his “two-note song.”

When he’s not hanging around in the wild, Lucas is focused on his faith and his relationship with his mom. He also acted in a short film, HeartAche. However, some commentators have noticed that Lucas is not well thought of by successor cast members.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Dustin Feher Set A Personal Best On The Show

Dustin and his wife enjoying the outdoors

Dustin and his wife enjoying the outdoors (Instagram).

Dustin’s 8 days in the wild were pretty miserable as he could never get a fire going. The Pittsburgh native, who is 47 years of age now, is much happier with his wife and two dogs as his IG profile shows. Although he has no children, he and his wife have been married for over 20 years. These days, Dustin is involved in a charity for rescue dogs headed up by his wife. When he’s not fishing, using his carpentry skills, or travelling around the US, he’s developing his knife collection. Dustin is also an amateur photographer and can renovate a house with the best of them.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Brant McGee Is Soaring In His Professional Life

Brant was a private military contractor from Albermarle, North Carolina, who is now 51 years of age. He admitted that he didn’t have the bushcrafting experience of his colleagues. So maybe it was inevitable that he would make a rookie mistake, which was drinking salt water. He was evacuated after 6 days, and returned to what he was good at, which is managing Search and Rescue for the Air Force. He’s also established a career in disaster management and training people how to fly aircraft. He’s SCUBA certified and an emergency medical technician as well. He also appears to enjoy running his mouth on Twitter/X.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Wayne Russell Got The Story Of A Lifetime

The oldest member of the cast in his mid 50s, Wayne tapped out after just four days and a close encounter with a black bear. He posted a lengthy explanation of his preparation for the show and the dangers of encountering wildlife. At the moment Wayne is still with his common law wife, three sons and stepson. Out on the east coast of Canada, Wayne runs Maritime Wilderness School.He  maintains the Kullcraven Bushcraft YouTube channel and posts his skill videos on Facebook as well.  Wayne has a lot of experience out in the bush and knows his stuff, he just never got the chance to show it on the show.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Joe Robinet Has Experienced Triumph And Tragedy

Another Canadian who lost out on his chance to win, Joe is another outdoorsman with lots of skills. Hailing from Winsdor, Ontario, and in his early thirties in 2024, Joe tragically lost his ferro rod on the show. The rod was washed out to sea after he misplaced it. Without this crucial tool for starting fires, Joe had to step out after 4 days in the wild. Even so, he’s well respected in the bushcraft world, so much that a popular knife is named after him. Joe is still married with one daughter and his beloved dog Tripper (who has fallen on ill health lately) and Tripper’s sidekick, Scout. Unfortunately, as documented on his YouTube channel, Joe’s younger brother has tragically passed away.

Today, Joe supports himself and his family through his business, North Gate Bushcraft Adventures. He also assists researchers at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research. He documents his adventures on his IG profile.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Chris Weatherman Is Preparing For The Storm

Chris isn’t best known for his wilderness skills — he’s actually an author with 23 books to his pen name, “Angery American”. He’s also spent a long time building power plants and has a lot of expertise in the power generation field. Although he’s a lifetime admirer of the bushcraft lifestyle, he tapped out after a day and a half after running into a wolf. These days, Chris is more into podcasting and politics as his IG profile shows. The 51-year old Florida native is happily married to his wife and podcasting partner Mel and has one daughter named Little Bit.

As an extremely online guy, Chris can be found all across social media: Facebook, Twitter, TikTok,  and YouTube.

Alone Season 1 Cast: Josh Chavez

Last of all is 40-year-old cop Josh Chavez, who had an even worse time with bears on the show than Wayne did. He lasted the least amount of time on the show, leaving after half a day. Josh, who comes from Jackson, Ohio, actually had his police instincts work against him. Strangely, he said that he would have tried to fight the bears if he hadn’t left. There isn’t any public information about Josh, so we have to assume that he went back to his police officer job and family.

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