Alone: What Happened To Sam Larson, S1 Runner Up/S5 Winner?

Alone: What Happened To Sam Larson, S1 Runner Up/S5 Winner?

Alone‘s first season came down to a war of wills between eventual winner Alan Kay and Sam Larson. Sam and Alan were deadlocked for 12 days after 3rd place finisher Mitch Mitchell gave up. Initially, Sam had set a goal of 50 days but blasted past that. Eventually, the much younger Sam tapped out as a massive storm hammered Vancouver Island after 55 days alone in the wilderness. As Sam made it back home, he had a happy reunion with his wife and new daughter. And, Sam wasn’t done with the show as he returned for season 5 and won after 60 days in Northern Mongolia. Sam got his happy reality show ending, but what happened to Sam Larson after the cameras stopped?

Unlike Alan, Sam chose to keep himself sane through meticulous preparation. He says that he prepared by taking expeditions in Maine, Arizona, and New Mexico. He had at least 8 trap lines out each day despite the weather during season 1. Sam also spent a long time woodworking and meditating. However, he was quoted as saying that he “got his chops” during season 1, and was better prepared in 2018. Indeed, in an AMA he did after winning season 5, he claimed he never considered tapping out the whole way through.

What Happened To Sam Larson? Wife, Children, Church, Woodworking/Nature Guide Job, Book, Podcast

Alone star Sam Larson with his wife on a movie night after they had their first kid

Alone star Sam Larson with his wife on a movie night after they had their first kid (Instagram).

Currently, Sam, who proudly represents Lincoln, Nebraska, is still married to wife Sydney and is a father of three children: Alaska, Everest, and Wren. Sam was a mere 22 years old in 2015, which makes him 31 years old. Sam does have a Twitter/X account and a Facebook page. His FB profile indicates that his birthday is September 15. This makes him a dreamy, honest Virgo. He only has 1,500 followers on Twitter and devotes quite a lot of time to his faith there. He’s had at least two websites, but both domain names have expired. It seems he is affiliated with Sower Church in Nebraska where his official title is “Church Planter.” We can see his family there, and see that Sam is the father of two girls and a boy.

Sam’s Instagram includes lots of family photos out in the wild and building things.

Sam works doing what he loves, being out in nature. According to one of his Reddit AMAs, Sam works at a local nature center and leads tours out into the wild. He travels all over the USA leading these tours and is a published author as well. His book is titled To Tread In Wild Places: An Introductory Guide To Wilderness Living Skills (Show Star News makes a comission on Amazon affiliate links.) Sam is also a frequent guest on the Nebraskaland radio show/podcast where he shares his knowledge with the entire state. According to one of his AMAs, he also remodels buildings using his woodworking skills. He also previously worked for a gear remodeler company as well.

Sam also gave a TEDx Talk in 2019 advocating for people to play in the woods.

What Happened To Sam Larson? AMA Revelations About The Show

Sam’s AMAs are a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes knowledge about the show. For example he says that everyone is compensated for their time on the show. He doesn’t give the exact amount but says it is “less than the industry standard and more than their regular salaries”. He also talks about the regular med checks that participants undergo, but says he didn’t enjoy them as they broke his focus. For each season there are rules about what species the contestants are allowed to hunt (depending on local regulations0). Sam contrasts the two seasons by saying that he has more friends from season 5 and that it was more chill. Season 1 involved “a lot more chest pounding.” He also worked through injuries, such as a pinched nerve and slicing his finger to the bone (which he had to splint).

Sam describes himself as a very positive person, but explains that he has dealt with depression before. He didn’t hear about his aunt getting cancer and some complications with his wife’s first pregnancy while on the show. Apparently, he asked not to be told so he could focus. All seasons had a wild edibles consultant starting in season 2, so that competitors wouldn’t get sick or die from eating poisonous plants. Sam said that he saw two dozen bears in season 1 and that a fishing trip where he caught a huge salmon was edited out. Finally, Sam says that in all, the crew was hit by eight more storms before the massive one that forced him to give up.

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