BB 25: Izzy’s Full Interview With Julie After Her Eviction

BB 25: Izzy's Full Interview With Julie After Her Eviction

Big Brother 25 evicted houseguest Izzy Gleicher got emotional in her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves after the live vote. Being the fifth evicted houseguests, Izzy was a poor sport and pushed Cameron and called Cory Wurtenberger a “pipsqueak” before leaving the house. In the excerpt of Izzy’s interview with Julie she almost began crying. Let’s look at Izzy’s full interview with Julie after her eviction.

CBS’s Big Brother Instagram account released the rest of Izzy’s exit interview with Julie in the early afternoon on Friday, September 15.

“Dear piggy pal, first off, I am still 100 percent proud of you. Secondly, I’ve been lining this up for weeks. You were my number one target this entire time. You’ve been a worthy adversary. Um, goodbye,” Cameron said matter-of-factly in his goodbye message to Izzy.

Big Brother 25: Izzy’s Full Inteview With Julie Chen Moonves After Her Blindside Eviction

Izzy nearly crying at one point during her full interview with Julie

Izzy nearly crying at one point during her full interview with Julie (CBS).

During the live eviction, Izzy said she felt most betrayed by Cory, who she thought she was good friends with. She said he was the one she trusted the most after Cirie Fields and her son Jared.

Izzy then told Julie it was invaluable to have Cirie and Jared trust her to keep their secret and she doesn’t regret not telling the house about it. Julie asked her why it looked like she was more interested in Cirie’s game than her own. She said Jared and Cirie are in danger in the house and that she wanted her “family” to take it to the end. “I had a great time. I loved this. I would do it again in a heart beat. Yeah, no real regrets.”

The unaired part of Izzy’s exit interview added some interesting context.

“Everyone got a hug except Cameron. He leaned in, you pushed him away. And you said ‘I’ll see you soon’. Talk to me about that,” Julie asked.

“I mean I don’t think it’s any surprise that Cameron and I didn’t have the most pal relationship if I will. You know, yes, I dragged his name. But it was venting with people who I trusted. And I felt like he used things against me as manipulative tools in the game. Yeah, we didn’t see eye-to-eye I felt as attacked as he probably felt from me so… Oh, he’s still public enemy number one, I hope. Everyone should be afraid if they don’t deal with him this week,” Izzy answered.

“Talk to me about the last 12 hours, because you went from confident to crying.”

Izzy had a bit of trouble starting to answer.

“Um yeah, I mean… Cirie noticed Jag and Matt spending a lot of one-on-one time together, which was concerning because I knew Jag was on the fence about the vote. And even just about me from, probably since the 10-0 vote, but also from the beginning. I was not part of the Jag squad from the beginning. So, I knew that he was going back-and-forth. We were trusting Matt, but ultimately Matt used the power to save Jag and I, uhhhh, I kept saying that that was a concern,” Izzy said. Although earlier in the week she was so confident everyone would vote out Felicia Cannon she wasn’t even planning to use the POV if she won it.

“How can we believe that their relationship was marred if that’s how he chose to use the power to save Jag. So Matt was definitely a concern, that he could be flipped. And then when I saw Cory and Matt in Cameron’s HOH room talking by themselves, and then the way Cory immediately needed to defend what they were talking about was sketchy. And then he consistently asked me if I was feeling okay, ‘Are you okay, are you okay, are you okay?’ In a way that it was like, oh, somethings wrong. And the air was definitely thick in the house.”

She then told Julie Chen Moonves she stayed up late the last night to see what people were saying. And to be around so they couldn’t talk about a plan to blindside her. She said her one regret was trusting Cory.

“Maybe just Cory. No, I mean I think what you don’t realize from just watching from the outside, I know was say it, but the human element is just so important in the Big Brother house. And you can’t help who you connect with, or who you feel safe with, and who you like socializing with.”

Izzy then told Julie she’s putting her money on Jared to win the game and is rooting for the Fields.

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