BB 25: Who Did HOH Bowie Jane Nominate For The Block

BB 25: Who Did HOH Bowie Jane Nominate For The Block

Big Brother 25 contestant Bowie Jane beat Jag Bains in a tie-break to win the live HOH competition on Thursday, November 2. Fans will recall the Australian made an alliance with Jag as a final two. So it would make sense that she would then nominate Felicia Cannon and Matt Klotz for eviction. However. wilder things have happened in Big Brother‘s long history, and did Bowie finally try and play her own game? So who did HOH Bowie Jane nominate for the block in the final week of the game?

Fans have disliked Bowie Jane for some time now. They don’t like what they perceive as her playing the game of floating to the finish line. Big Brother diehards can’t stand players who don’t build alliances and win competitions. Although Bowie Jane did win some HOH competitions in the latter part of this season, fans still think she’s largely coasted. They also think she got lucky. Most of the other houseguests couldn’t stand Bowie Jane, but they kept her around because they didn’t see her as a big threat. In fact, she did such a good job of appearing non-threatening that she hasn’t once been put up on the block.

Big Brother 25: Who Did HOH Bowie Jane Nominate For The Block

Big Brother diehard livestream fans on Twitter/X announced Bowie Jane stayed loyal to her ride-or-die alliance with Jag. She nominated Matt and Felicia on the block the same night after winning HOH.

Matt better be careful, because with Jag holding the single vote, his best buddy on the show may backstab him. The only way for Matt to solidify his spot in the final three is for him to win the POV. The POV competition was completed on Friday, Nov. 3.

Fans thought if Matt won the POV competition he’ll get off the block, with only Jag to replace him. Fans think Matt’s best play is to betray Jag, since he has a better shot of winning with the jury vote against Felicia or Bowie. Meanwhile, Felicia was reading the bible, practicing meditation, and memorizing facts about the game in the leadup to the POV competition. Felicia believes an upcoming competition, following show tradition, will involve knowledge about their time in the house.

Some fans didn’t like Bowie, Jag, and Matt ganging up on the two older black ladies. They first targeted Survivor veteran Cirie Fields for eviction.

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