BB 25 Final Week: Who Won The POV On Week 14

BB 25 Final Week: Who Won The POV On Week 14

Big Brother 25 remaining houseguests competed in a live HOH competition on Thursday, Nov. 2, which Bowie Jane ended up winning in a nailbiter against her ally, Jag Bains. The Aussie lived up to her word, nominating the other two houseguests, Felicia Cannon and Matt Klotz for eviction the same night. Many Big Brother fans strongly dislike Bowie Jane’s game, accusing her of being a floater. However, she’s somehow managed to not once be put up on the block the entire game. Now fans want to know who won the POV on week 14?

With Matt and Felicia on the block, their lives in the game are in major jeopardy, with Jag currently singlehandedly holding the power to evict whomever he so chooses. But that could all be flipped on its head, depending on who won the Power Of Veto competition that took place on Friday, Nov. 3. All four remaining houseguests competed in the POV competition. If Bowie or Jag won the competition, fans would expect the nominations to stay the same. However, if Felicia or Matt won the POV, they’d definitely swap themselves off the block and put up Jag.

Big Brother 25’s Final Week: Who Won The POV On Week 14

Before 3:05 PM EST on Friday, the live feeds were down with a notice. The statement read in part, “The Big Brother Houseguests are Shooting Something Awesome.”

At that point, the feeds started up again, and the news that Jag won the POV broke. The win is huge as it ensures he makes it to the final three on week 14, getting him that much closer to the $750,000 grand prize. If Felicia had won she would’ve saved herself from almost certainly getting evicted. She also would’ve got to choose to eliminate either Matt or Jag.

The results of the POV competition found fans unsurprised on X/Twitter. Jag has been a huge comp beast and broke records this season.

If Matt had won the POV, he would’ve ensured he made it to the final three, and he would’ve had the option to evict his buddy, who stands to be his biggest competition against winning it all.

Diehard Big Brother fans don’t think Jag or Matt have the savvy and ruthlessness to turn on each other. That means the only real chance of a game twist from the POV competition is if Jag betrays Matt. It certainly would make sense in some regards, Matt is well-liked by the houseguests on the jury. However, so is Felicia, and he will not look good if he betrays his best friend in the house. It looks like a fairly predictable ending to BB 25, with either Matt of Jag winning it all.

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