Where The Perfect Match Couples Are Now After Breakups

Where The Perfect Match Couples Are Now After Breakups

With the show done, fans are sifting through the wreckage and wondering where the Perfect Match couples are now. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say, the Perfect Match singles, given the show’s unsurprising 0% success rate.

Spoiler alert: nobody’s in a better place than where they started. Some people have lost their halos, while others have engaged in drama, and still others are exactly their shady selves. It’s almost like having your dating life under a microscope with other clout chasers tends to be bad for your public image and finding your soulmate. But hey, all of these people have had their clout upgraded and many are on good terms with one another. So Perfect Match was the friends they made along the way? Let’s find out.

Where The Perfect Match Couples Are Now: Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow Spilt

Kariselle and Joey on Perfect Match's season finale

Perhaps the biggest letdown (and there were many) of Perfect Match was Joey and Kariselle breaking off their engagement. While relations between the two remain civil, everything they’ve said since the breakup has been unequivocal about it being three strikes and never again. For his part, Joey has given a potential Perfect Match season 2 the hardest of passes. This is a rare wise decision from Broey Joey Sasso (The Circle). What’s casting doubt on all of this is the theory that he was faking the whole thing with Kariselle for the show.

However, I think a much more likely explanation was Joey’s commitment issues rearing their head again. If this was all part of a plan why would they remove the possibility of them getting back together? If you’re a Joey and Kariselle truther you might be interested in watching Joey suffer through his Behind The Scenes video. In it, he suffers an OCD attack after getting his luggage searched and rants about being confined to his hotel room before the show. Will he release any more actual behind the scenes content? Or just more behind the paywall OnlyFans content?

Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts) is also in the post-show glow period. She held a watch party fundraiser for her favorite charity, It Gets Better at New Jersey lounge Six26. They were able to raise a whole $500, which may be the only money that went towards any good cause as a result of Perfect Match. Her latest stories show her goofing around with castmates Damian Powers (Love Is Blind) and Mitchell Eason (The Circle). Somehow, Mitch has ended up with a broken ferkin’ arm! We can only speculate on how he got that. Further speculation is occurring with respect to Damian’s status with Kariselle, as he features in quite a few of her Instagram pics lately! However, Kariselle has shot down the notion that they are dating.

Where The Perfect Match Couples Are Now: Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) and Dom Gabriel (The Mole)

Dom and Georgia together on Perfect Match

Season winners Dom and Georgia were a bright spot on the show, but now things have deteriorated into another one of those famous Netflix he-said-she-saids. Georgia Hassarati appears to have ghosted Rom-Com Dom Gabriel for her ex Harry Jowsey (another one of Francesca Farago‘s exes). Bad enough, but she has also accused Dom of still having a thing for Ines Tazi (The Circle: France). Recall that Ines, while in a very bad place, was hyped up by Kariselle to shoot her shot at Dom, who politely rebuffed her due to his commitment to Georgia. Then, Harry went public with this embarrassing description of how Georgia hooked up with him after appearing on Harry’s podcast.

If this timeline is to be believed, Georgia was keeping her relationship with Harry on the down-low while continuing to stay friends with Dom. All of this was developing through 2022 while Dom was going through his appearance on The Mole. Dom has said that he was completely blindsided by hearing about Georgia and Harry. This has pretty much blown up Georgia’s good girl image. And this was after Dom took her to Disneyland, too! Wicked. Especially since Dom is one of the most level headed of the cast, this was a seriously boneheaded move by Georgia. It’s no stretch to imagine how Dom would have kept the receipts about all of this.

For her part, Ines has been quick to defend Dom and state unequivocally that their relationship is platonic. Dom has continued to put himself out there and reap the consequences, such as this posted screenshot of his DM’s with another influencer girl. Stop dating women who live for the drama, Dom! Georgia definitely does not have a season 2 reappearance on her mind and Dom is of a similar mindset. Let’s hope that Rom-Com Dom stops being so calm about women taking advantage of him, finally! Being a feminist doesn’t mean you let women walk all over you, Dom.

Perfect Match: Chloe Veitch (The Circle/Too Hot To Handle) and Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind)

Chloe and Shayne on Perfect Match

Put Glowy Chloe Veitch on the list of ladies who will not be returning for a season 2, if one ever manifests. That is, unless she can replace host Nick Lachey, who no force on earth can dislodge from every Netflix reality TV dating show. Internet detectives have put together a timeline of events which suggests Shayne was cheating on Chloe less than a week after the show wrapped. This would suck for Ms. Veitch, but Chloe’s Instagram offered up a mysterious post where she talked about a proposal and added a ring. Speculation is that the lucky guy is minor hockey player Ivan Lodnia. Chloe has also talked about moving out to LA and celebrated her 24th birthday on Sunday. So, there’s a lot that’s good in Chloe’s life. She’s recently appeared in photos with Ines, suggesting that the smoldering French ingenue has made a friend in a high place.

Shayne Jansen has got to feel lucky that most of the drama has landed on Dom and Georgia. Otherwise he would be on the receiving end of a lot more Internet grief. Right now, the worst thing he has to deal with is a mean tweet making fun of his teeth. In one story on Shayne’s IG, he revealed he recently chipped one of those massive chompers, doing what, we wonder? We’re hoping it didn’t involve posting on his OnlyFans account.

He’s also mourning the departure of Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. For some reason, he’s getting excited about the upcoming Love Is Blind season 4. Is Shayne going to be involved somehow? (God we hope not, we need some new blood in the Netflix Realityverse!) Maybe he’ll just be watching like the rest of us. Or, he might just never be able to get over being owned by Ines, Chloe, and his Love Is Blind season 2 ex fiancée Natalie Lee?

Perfect Match: Bartise Bowden (Love Is Blind) and Izzy Fairthorne (Too Hot To Handle)

Bartise and Izzy on Perfect Match

Somehow, Barbershop (Bartise Bowden) continues to be more and more hated after his Perfect Match appearance. He posted the thoughtless comment that his sister Amalia was “too smart” to go on Netflix dating shows. In addition to making him look stupid (because he’s gone on two shows?) this also insults the women of the cast. Maybe, just maybe, Barometricpressure is getting the hint, because he’s posting about being ashamed of his behavior. However, he blames the alcohol instead of himself in typical narcissistic fashion.  It was too much to hope for. Hilariously, someone sent Lauren “LC” Chamblin (Love Is Blind) a picture of the lock that she and Bariatricsurgery attached to a bridge on their date. That lock is the only thing from this show still going strong!

Babybackribs has been making the podcast circuit lately to try and rehab his image. His appearance on the Zachary Reality show revealed a few interesting details. First, he didn’t even get to watch his season of Love Is Blind before embarking on Perfect Match. So, if it only seems now that things are sinking in for Barista, that’s because it is. He also chose Izzy Fairthorne over Abbey Humphreys (Twentysomethings) out of some misguided belief that he thought he could win the show. The unearned confidence of this man is something to behold. Somehow, Izzy and Bandanna still talk. Either she has the patience of a saint or she really thinks she can tame this one-trick pony. Like Shayne, Bartise joined OnlyFans to try and cash in on his fifteen minutes of fame.

What has Izzy been up to since she and Bartise failed to launch? Mostly cringing over her Perfect Match appearance, it seems, and trying to get back to some semblance of a normal life. I know I would! She’s back on the field hockey field and showing off her stunning hair and looks. Over on Izzy’s TikTok she is talking about other date experiences, but none of them seem to be matching up to Baroque. She was still posting TikToks that were positive towards him as of a week ago! She is also firmly on Team Georgia, posting a TikTok in support of the embattled Aussie. Izzy must be able to find the good in anyone! Yeah, that’s it.

Perfect Match: Nick Uhlenhuth (The Circle) and LC

LC and Nick pretending to be into each other on Perfect Match

There has been some speculation that Daddy Nick was on a date with co-star Abbey Humphreys. However, this was just another attention-getting ploy from Nick. In Nick’s Instagram posts lately you can really see the depths of his insecurity. He started wearing a chain after Shayne and Bartise essentially peer pressured him into wearing one. Dude, just stop! Actually, he recently partnered with Dangerously Caffeinated to create his own Daddy Blend. So I guess you can monetize pure cringe (Big Nick Energy)? Nick’s TikTok is pure sad boy energy recently. He tries to deal with being famous and being made fun of in his trademark of pretending to laugh.

What’s LC, the better half of the season’s unintentionally worst couple been up to? Well, Nick is still commenting on LC’s IG, so never say never. LC did do a Q + A where she took a walk and said she would answer the questions when she came back. She confirms that she has taken the official Harry Potter house test multiple times (of course).  The Sorting Hat tends to put her in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, but her preferred choice is Hufflepuff, obviously. She’s not done with Netflix reality either, as she would love to return for The Mole or even The Floor Is LavaSurvivor is another possibility, but not being able to brush your teeth is a deal-breaker. She also reveals that Perfect Match was pitched to her and Diamond as a dating show with games (compatibility challenges). Others, like Barftise, were told it would have a Spring Break vibe, not where they’d be trying to find their soulmate.

Perfect Match: Damian and Francesca (Too Hot To Handle)

Francesca modeling an outfit

Season supervillain Francesca has been doing what she does best after the show which is justifying herself. You can read this recap of her recent appearance on the Almost Adulting podcast to see that she convinced at least one person. Since that continues to be fascinating and disturbing, it is worth checking in with her and her on-again/off-again, Damian. First of all, whatever Freaky Fran does, it won’t be on Perfect Match Season 2, as even her schemes have a limit. She and Damian are still kind to one another, which is their right, I guess.

Damian Powers celebrating his 31st birthday on June 15th

Damian Powers celebrating his 31st birthday on June 15th (Netflix).

Weirdly but not surprisingly, Francesca has gone after Diamond Jack (Love Is Blind) for being homophobic towards her. This apparently stems from Diamond’s reaction to her fiance Carlton Morton not disclosing his own bisexuality on Love Is Blind. However, Diamond and Francesca had almost zero interaction on the show, so to bring this up now raises questions to say the very least.

What of Magic Mark, aka Damian Powers? Even though Francesca is still with trans boyfriend Jesse Sullivan, Damian is still not over her. Damian’s IG has a post with an OnlyFans branded toque with the caption, “It was always Only Fran for me.” Damian, remember what Ines told you about being attracted to bad love instead of good love? For some reason, Damian’s latest pic is with The Mole’s Will Richardson. What are these two calculating fellows going to get up to next? The third man in the pic is influencer and consultant Brandon Bowsky, so could the three men be creating a motivational powerhouse? We’re going to go out on a limb here and say they probably are not the best mentors for young men.

There’s still no announcement from Netflix on a Perfect Match reunion episode but there’s still hope the streaming giant will make one.

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