Who’s Still Together From Perfect Match & Why Couples Broke Up

Who's Still Together From Perfect Match & Why Couples Broke Up

Perfect Match season 1 ended with five couples still matching up at the finale to determine which two reality TV stars had the best long-term relationship material. Although Dom Gabriel (The Mole) and Georgia Hassarati (Too Hot To Handle) won the show and a all-expenses paid trip to the Maldives, four other couples said they were going to try and make their new showmance relationships work. So who’s still together from Perfect Match after everyone left the villa in Panama?

Perfect Match‘s staged and scripted nature didn’t exactly give fans confidence any of couples would make it outside the show. However, Joey Sasso (The Circle) and Kariselle Snow (Sexy Beasts) getting engaged on the show and possibly married suggested maybe at least one couple with a bright future together. However, Show Star News can now confirm all Perfect Match couples broke up after filming the Netflix show.

Who’s Still Together After Perfect Match Ended: All Couples Split

Perfect Match couple Dom and Georgia broke up shortly after leaving Panama

Perfect Match couple Dom and Georgia broke up shortly after leaving Panama (Netflix).

Love Is Blind season 3 villain Bartise Bowden spilled to podcaster Zachary Reality that none of the Perfect Match couples ended up staying together successfully.

Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match star Francesca Farago also said everyone broke up a few days after filming on social media: “No one’s still together. They all broke up three days after filming wrapped lol.”

Bartise, while on Zachary Reality’s podcast, said casting told him the show would have a “spring break” party vibe. If all the reality TV stars went into the show thinking they were going to a party villa where they’d casually date other singles it’s no wonder no one ended up taking their supposed perfect match relationships all that seriously.

Dom and Georgia apparently broke up due to long-distance. Dom lives in Toronto, Canada, meanwhile Georgia is from Brisbane, Australia.

“I think after the show there’s a lot of things that you have to take into account, such as distance. And going from being in a house with cameras around you all the time is tough. We’re on good terms and there’s no bad blood there,” Dom told Today.

“I just loved my time with him and getting to know him… He’s a great person and I wouldn’t change anything. However, now we’re not together at the moment,” Georgia said in the ex couple’s Today interview. Georgia has since dated Francesca’s other ex, Too Hot To Handle season 1 star Harry Jowsey. Harry and Georgia broke up in the fall of 2022. But they appear to have reconnected at the Netflix premiere of Rom-Com movie Your Place Or Mine. Georgia keeps sharing TikTok videos of the couple together again.


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Perfect Match‘s Nick & LC Broke Up Right After The Show Ended

Perfect Match's couple LC and Nick barely dated and spilt after the show

Couple LC and Nick barely dated and spilt after the show (Netflix).

Perfect Match couple Nick Uhlenhuth (The Circle season 3) and LC (Love Is Blind season 1) didn’t really stand a chance of working together in the real world.

Nick pretended to be into her, but got exposed by Francesca as trying to date her again while leading LC on. Upon viewing Perfect Match, LC’s embarrassed for falling hard yet again for a guy that just wasn’t that into her on a reality TV show. LC and Nick’s Perfect Match breakup was for the best.

Shayne & Chloe Broke Up After Leaving Panama

Shayne and Chloe have an age gap of ten years and Shayne's lack of maturity led to their breakup

Shayne and Chloe have an age gap of ten years and Shayne’s lack of maturity led to their breakup (Netflix).

Despite Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle and The Circle) professing her love for Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind season 2) in a rap, these two’s relationship ended in heartbreak.

Shanye’s inability to let go of his jealousy and anger over Chloe initially picking her ex and The Circle season 2 co-star Mitchell Eason put a damper on the relationship. Chloe, age 23, didn’t feel the need to apologize for accidentally splashing pool water on Shayne, age 33. But he said that she was a horrible person for apparently intentionally doing it.

“We’re not together unfortunately. Towards the end of the episodes in Perfect Match, there were some bumpy roads, up and down,” Chloe explained in an interview with Today. “When I decided to make him my perfect match, I was feeling very hopeful. When we got outside of the villa, the bubble that we had around us just popped.”

Chloe lives in the UK, meanwhile Shayne is based in Chicago, so long-distance also would’ve thrown a wrench in their dating plans.

Joey & Kariselle Broke Off Engagement & Broke Up A Few Months After Perfect Match Ended

Joey and Kariselle got engaged on the show but broke up not too long after the show ended

Joey and Kariselle got engaged on the show but broke up not too long after the show ended (Netflix).

Perfect Match sweethearts Joey and Kariselle looked like they had the best shot of making it outside of Panama. They already had a dating history together and matched throughout their entire time on the show. They also won the most compatibility challenges as a couple.

However, fan rumors about Joey and Kariselle getting married quickly dissipated when Joey made it clear they broke up.

“Relationships in general are extremely difficult and it’s hard to sit here and say exactly what happened because it’s extremely personal between the both of us,” Joey told Variety in an interview. “We have so much in common, but I just think that we really tried to do everything we could to work on everything. We both had the best of intentions, but we have a lot of differences that separate us with the things that we want and the way that we feel about each other… That chapter of my life is over.”

Joey, age 29, also admitted to dating other women since breaking up with Kariselle, 27, a few months after the show ended. In the fall of 2022, Joey posted TikTok videos with fellow influencers Alana Duval and Miranda Bissonnette, sparking dating rumors.

Joey also alluded to him deciding to break up with Karisell in his Variety interview.

“When you watch the show, you can see we’re both very high strung type of people, when things are good, they’re good. When they’re not good, they’re not good. I never went out of my way to ever try and hurt somebody. Sometimes when you’re in a new relationship with someone, it feels great. Sometimes you come down from that and it isn’t it for you. All I can ever try to do is be honest about that.”

Joey also dished to Today about his breakup with Kariselle. “We both sort of agreed right now we need to step away from each other. That’s for the best, but her and I have so much love for each other… When I was there, I was like, ‘This is the perfect person I want to spend the rest of my life with.’ When you finish filming, you go back to reality. There’s a lot of life things to deal with.”

Kariselle hasn’t spoke publicly about the breakup yet. However, she did an interview with podcaster Zachary Reality which gets released on Monday, March 6th.

Perfect Match‘s Couple Bartise & Izzy Still FaceTime But Split

Bartise and Izzy remain friends but broke up right after Perfect Match stopped filming

Bartise and Izzy remain friends but broke up right after Perfect Match stopped filming (Netflix).

Bartise and Izzy Fairthorne‘s breakup was expected from much of the fanbase.

Bad boy Bartise kept swapping his matches throughout the show’s dating process. He matched with Izzy initially, but ditched her for The Circle France‘s Ines Tazi. After that didn’t work out, he ended outside the villa for a time. When he returned, he dated Diamond Jack (Love Is Blind), LC, and Abbey Humphreys (Twentysomethings). The latter he ditched to date Izzy again after telling her sweet nothings about them being solid.

All Bartise’s fakeness and match swapping has us dizzy. Bartise told Zachary Reality he remains friends with Izzy and that they FaceTime once and awhile. The relationship was also doomed from the start because Izzy lives in Manchseter in the UK. That’s a long distance from Bartise, who lives in Dallas, Texas.

Fans expect a Perfect Match reunion episode where we can get more details on the couples’ breakups. Viewers are already pondering which Netflix reality TV stars should be cast on Perfect Match season 2 as well.

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