The Ultimatum: Roxanne’s Pasties Company Explained & Is It Successful?

The Ultimatum: Roxanne's Pasties Company Explained & Is It Successful?

The Ultimatum Season 2’s Roxanne Kaiser talks so much about business and being a business person and work and hustling. If Business had been a man in this season’s cast Antonio Mattei would be extremely single right now. So is Roxanne’s PastedNip business actually successful, or is her business actually just a passion project job?

Roxanne’s pasties company was practically a character in the season, and more interesting than some of the actual competitors. She even spent most of the reunion confused about the need for an engagement ring as Antonio sat next to her and looked uncomfortable. She also said that marriage wasn’t “top of mind” right now. So let’s do a deep dive into the business that is first in Roxanne’s heart.

The Ultimatum Season 2: Roxanne’s Pasties Company PastedNip Explained

As was revealed during the reunion, Roxanne (and her bestie Audrey Shlapak) design silicone pasties to help women go braless. Roxanne is mostly the face of the business, as Audrey says that it is a side hustle for her main job at Delta Airlines. Two months ago, Roxanne was interviewed by Canvas Rebel and she was pretty frank that even though Pasted Nip was “exploding”. However, she also said “that does not mean after 2.5 years we are profitable.” The Pasted Nip IG account has 36,000 followers and their TikTok has under 200 followers.

According to SimilarWeb, Roxanne’s PastedNip website gets a couple thousand visitors per month. Perhaps a CMO is needed, as scaling still remains an issue. At present, PastedNip products are available on Amazon for USD$30 a box and has four reviews.

For what is mostly a one person show, PastedNip looks extremely nimble and visible. The IG account updates almost daily and has done so since 2020. They have their own champagne, scented candles, personalized travel cases and partnerships with NARS mascara. In September 2020, the first concept art for a pop-up store appeared and the Bad Bitch Club keychains appeared. Subscription boxes rolled out at the end of 2020. They have hosted several drink events and brunches with the pop-up shop in the Atlanta area through 2021. Obviously a lot of hustle was required to make it through these pandemic days.

Unfortunately there’s only so much buzz and excitement one can garner from pasties for boobies. Roxanne’s appearance on The Ultimatum season 2 should sure help.

The Ultimatum Season 2: Is Roxanne’s Pasties Business Profitable

Throughout the show and the reunion episode, Roxanne claimed she’s the provider in her relationship. So business must be booming.


Let us show you how to never have a nip slip again ??#pastednip

? original sound – PastedNip

A June 2021 IG post reveals the fact that each of the pasties are prepared individually. You can see them cooling out on shelves like freshly baked pies. They are also water proof, sweat proof, hypoallergenic and started coming in new brighter boxes as of mid July 2021. The next month led to the emergence of the “Burn Your Bra” tagline that appears in their messaging. In October 2021, they hosted their first breast cancer wine tasting charity event with the Young Survival Coalition and appeared at Atlanta Fashion Week. At the end of 2021 they expanded to Vegas, Dallas, and Nashville. Right before the holidays in 2021, they were featured in Jezebel magazine.

2022 kicked off with PastedNip being feature as one of Atlanta’s Fresh Faces of Fashion. They also levelled up from 15+ wears per pasty to 30+ wears around this time. At the end of March, they won the Best Start-Up award for Atlanta. Limited edition T-shirts were available in April 2022. An ATL entrepreneurship award followed in August 2022, and after months of hype PastedNip Lift debuted in September. This is a pair of their premium pasties, bound together with a snap in the center that can be applied over both nipples at once.

2023 saw the team visit NYC for the first time in February. March marked the first day they needed a truck to handle all their orders. PastedNip hosted a Junefest event with paloma cocktails on June 8th 2023. And right before The Ultimatum debuted, PastedNip announced Garment Lock, a double-sided adhesive strip for all clothing. It’s been a long ride for PastedNip and anything could come next — maybe pasties for plus size models?

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