When Was The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Filmed

When Was The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Filmed

The Ultimatum season 2‘s first eight episodes dropped on Wednesday, August 23 and some cast members took a lot of heat for their portrayal on the show. Trial husband and wife Alex Chapman and Roxanne Kaiser got dragged for their coldness and domineering behavior respectively. James Morris upset viewers when he broke a glass out of anger when back with his high school sweetheart Ryann McCracken. Yet, recapping The Ultimatum season 2 reunion one realizes co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey didn’t ask questions about fans’ reactions to the cast. That’s because it was pre-recorded. So, when was The Ultimatum season 2 reunion filmed exactly?

Like The Ultimatum Queer Love, the production company behind the latest season and the Love Is Blind series too, Kinetic Content, appears to pre-record the reunions for The Ultimatum long before the show airs, unlike with Love Is Blind reunions. The Ultimatum Queer Love season 1’s reunion filmed in January 2023, months before the series released on Netflix.

Trey Brunson revealed they filmed the reunion episode for three hours, but less than a third of the filming was left for viewers to watch.

Trey reveals The Ultimatum season 2 reunion filmed for three hours

Trey reveals The Ultimatum season 2 reunion filmed for three hours (Instagram).

When Was The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Filmed: Early Summer 2023

A few clues from The Ultimatum season 2 reunion give a strong indication when it was filmed. On the reunion, Antonio Mattei revealed he had just finished signing documents to buy a carwash business. He was converting it into a car modification store. He said they were doing the renovations over the next couple of months. Then the reunion episode cut to a photo of Antonio outside his new business. However, the photo was added in post production.

The photo of Antonio was posted to Instagram about him soon opening his franchise location of Tint World in late July. So, if everything went according to plan, two months later opening his first store, then the reunion likely filmed some time June 2023. Backing this timeline, co-host Vanessa Lachey said it had been ten months since Brian Okoye and Lisa Horne abruptly left The Ultimatum season 2 in the first week of filming in September 2022. So, doing the math, ten months later would be late June or early July. Lisa and Brian’s baby was seven weeks old when they shot the reunion, so that also tracks with the filming timeline.

The reunion filming almost two months before the show aired means from all the couples who were still together some may have broken up. We’ll have to wait and see what happened to the couples after the reunion. Are they all still going strong two months later?

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