Lisa From The Ultimatum: Ex Relationship, Nurse Job, IG, Age, More

Lisa From The Ultimatum: Ex Relationship, Nurse Job, IG, Age, More

Since Lisa “Jelisa” Horne quit this season and took her partner Brian Okoye with her, things fizzled out in the drama department. Fans are pretty united on the point that Lisa’s DV behavior was an automatic DQ, however. And, the speculation that she faked her pregnancy will last until the reunion episode coming out on August 30. Lisa and Brian have recently confirmed that they have a child together and that they are in a good place and getting married soon. Considering Lisa was the one who issued the ultimatum to Brian, the way things played out was bizarre to say the least. This had led to some Reddit speculation that Brian wasn’t the most loyal man either. Let’s see if there’s anything we neglected with Lisa from The Ultimatum.

Lisa and Brian arguing about going on The Ultimatum season 2

Lisa and Brian arguing about going on The Ultimatum season 2 (Netflix).

Lisa from The Ultimatum: Age, Zodiac, Birthday, Hometown, Fandom, Modelling, TikTok, IG, Cast Friendship

The Ultimatum season 2 star Lisa

The Ultimatum season 2 star Lisa (Instagram).

Lisa is the older member of the partnership with Brian. She’s 32 years of age (31 on the show). She is a Gemini, who are known for having two sides to their personality. Her birthday is June 19th and she already had a 10-year-old daughter who we ended up not meeting. She lives in Charlotte and is a fan of the NBA team from that city, the Hornets. She has also competed in Miami Swim Week, so it makes sense she would be jealous of fellow model Riah Nelson. Lisa has an underdeveloped TikTok, and an overdeveloped Instagram with the largest IG follower count of the cast as of writing. She features several snaps with Roxanne Kaiser and that tracks as we saw Roxanne trying to calm Lisa down before her blowup.

Lisa enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean

Lisa enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean (Instagram).

Lisa from The Ultimatum: Nursing Job, Noelle Foundation and Philanthropy, Past Relationship

What is the Noelle Foundation, the philanthropic organization where Lisa serves as the VP of Clinical Services? “Noelle” appears to be Lisa herself. This old Clubhouse profile appears to show that Lisa Horne and Noelle Keeper are one and the same. This Allevents link indicates that Lisa is also the VP of Clinical Services for Five Star Seniors Living. She is also the founder of the Noelle Foundation, and the link states that the foundation “focuses on supplying third world countries with scarce medical supplies, services, and resources.” One post on the Noelle Foundation’s IG does involve a Christmas clothing drive for children, so that tracks.

However, Lisa’s LinkedIn indicates that she is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with Five Star Seniors Living. Apparently she received her RN degree from East Carolina University and has an MS from University of North Carolina Wilmington. She’s worked in Trauma Intensive Care and as an RN in the Carolinas Healthcare system. The AllEvents link mentioned earlier states that Lisa has spent some time working with mothers with postpartum depression.

Finally, we have an online magazine that sheds some light on Lisa’s previous relationship. Page 28 of this issue of WayToParent Lifestyle magazine gives her name in 2019 as Jalisa Horne-Irias, and identifies her as a military wife. A lot of Lisa’s past and present is shrouded in mystery, and there’s a lot she wants to keep private.

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