The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Lisa & Brian Still Together

The Ultimatum Season 2: Are Lisa & Brian Still Together

The Ultimatum season 2 cast member Lisa Horne shocked Netflix viewers when she slapped Brian Okoye and had a massive tantrum over him talking to co-star Riah Neslon. She stormed out of the Charlotte, NC, club and swore like crazy at Brian. Fans were convinced Lisa faked her pregnancy test because she was incredibly jealous of Riah and Brian’s chemistry. So what happened to Brain and Lisa after abruptly announcing they were dropping out of the experiment because of the pregnancy revelation? Are Lisa and Brian still together after The Ultimatum season 2?

Before Brian and Lisa started dating other cast members, Brian asked Lisa, age 31 while on the show, if she’d be okay with it. He said he knows how she gets with her fits of jealousy. She thought it would be fine and was the one that gave Brian, age 28 on the show, the ultimatum. Lisa wanted to know if Brain would commit because she wanted to have more children to add to her family of a ten-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Are Lisa And Brian Still Together After Season 2? They’re Getting Married & Have A Newborn Baby

Lisa asking Brian to drop out of the reality TV experiment before she found out she was pregnant

Lisa asking Brian to drop out of the reality TV experiment before she found out she was pregnant (Netflix).

Brian’s Instagram post about being on The Ultimatum season 2 before the premiere elicited a response from a friend. “WTF! WE KNOW YOU GETTING MARRIED, GET OUTTA HERE!!!!” said Brain’s friend.

Although fans thought Lisa fabricated the pregnancy, it turns out The Ultimatum was filmed in the fall of 2022. So that leaves a few months more than the nine to carry a baby to term, explaining why she’s no longer pregnant.

Lisa confirmed she and Brian are raising their kid since the show in an interview with TV Insider. “Me and Brian are in a really great place. We are still together, happily still together, so everything’s good right now.” She added that they’re busy raising their child together and worked on improving their relationship.

“I think prior to the cocktail party, I was fine, I was just like, we’re in this experiment. I’m the one who dragged him here. I’m open to see what happens. I was already feeling high anxiety, I’m not going to lie. I was very anxious. But once we got there, and just, I don’t know. It’s just being in that close, intimate setting and seeing the person that you love engage with other potential partners that may be a perfect fit for them; I just was like, it was too much. I lost it. It was just intense. That’s how I was feeling. Very intense,” Lisa explained about her blowup.

Lisa Apologized To Brian For Physically Attacking Him On The Ultimatum Season 2

Some fans are shocked Brian will still marry Lisa. They think he should’ve left the relationship after she slapped him in the face. However, Lisa’s taken accountability for her abusive actions.

“In that moment of deciding to leave, no, there wasn’t much of a conversation there. It was like, what’s the right thing to do for what’s to become of our family and the child that we’re bringing into the world?” Brain explained in the same interview. “But once we left, yeah, the conversation [about the fight] definitely was had. She took accountability for her actions, and I did, too, in the sense [of] just realizing that a lot of those emotions she had weren’t stemmed from that moment. It was prior stuff, before even coming on the show that we have since resolved.”

Fans will likely have to wait until The Ultimatum season 2 reunion episode to find out more about Brian and Lisa’s relationship and family since the left the show.

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