Love Is Blind’s Andrew: Job, IG, Age, Photography, Ethnicity, More

Love Is Blind’s Andrew: Job, IG, Age, Photography, Ethnicity, More

Love Is Blind‘s Andrew Liu’s bizarre eye drops crying stunt was so blatant it almost inspires respect. He got his too-perfect marriage proposal rejected by speech pathologist/realtor Nancy Rodriguez. Then, when asked for his reaction, the seasoned reality show producers watched in shock. Andrew produced instant heartbroken tears out of a bottle of eye drops. You can almost hear the camera operators saying “We’ve got to leave that in” instead of letting him stage/script something behind the scenes like they do.

Nancy wisely steered away from Andrew’s too-perfect act, with his deep bedroom voice and his endless discussions of how awesome tantric sex is. We learn that she rejected Andrew again during a fateful episode where some of the eliminated contestants returned for a night out. It says a lot about Andrew’s aura that Nancy chose to stick with whatever she has left with Bartise Bowden rather than risk things with Andrew. But who is Andrew Liu really?

Love Is Blind’s Andrew Is One Curious Ape As Wildlife Photographer

Love Is Blind's Andrew Liu Standing On A Skyscraper in New York City

Love Is Blind‘s Andrew Liu standing on a skyscraper in New York City in one of the few photos of him on his Instagram.

30 year-old Andrew Liu loves taking photos of Kenyan wildlife, particularly big cats. You have to scroll and scroll through his Instagram to find a single picture of him, or any other human. If someone criticizes his photography as too basic, Andrew will immediately clap back with a sarcastic comment. What’s with the lion obsession, Andrew? Does he see himself as some sort of apex predator? No, it seems like he just gets bored with everyday life easily, as he elaborates in a post called “New Eyes.” And, it’s worth noting that his work has been featured by BBC Earth. Fans can also check out his photographs on his website “a curious ape”.

Love Is Blind Star Andrew’s Job & Ethnicity

Andrew’s ethnicity is Chinese and he’s originally from Shanghai.

Andrew has worked in many fields according to his LinkedIn. The University of Texas at Austin graduate has done everything from software development to optimizing aircraft production. he previously worked at eBay. Right now, he works for trucking company aifleet. He seems like the type of guy who is always looking for a new experience, travelling to Turkey, Indonesia, and other parts of Africa such as South Africa and Namibia. He wears a bracelet with the Kenyan flag on his right wrist, too.

Reviewing Andrew’s Interactions With Love Is Blind Co-Stars

Love Is Blind’s Andrew may not be seen by the women of the cast as husband material. However, he does have his share of supporters. Bartise shouted him out in an answer to a question where he claimed Andrew’s approach to Nancy was a lot more respectful than Bartise’s own references to Raven Ross as a smoke show. Julian Torres, another contestant who didn’t make it out of the pods, tagged Andrew as one of his friends and Andrew reciprocated, calling him his homie. Andrew also likes to notice women who are posting thirst trap videos for him. Lots of opportunities outside the pods for this dude to practice that sexual Kung Fu!

In his “behind the lens” series, he lets his hair down and posts pics of himself making goofy faces, some photography bloopers, or an article of himself climbing a crane in lower Manhattan and getting arrested at age 25! Say what you will about Andrew, he definitely takes living the wild life very seriously.

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