Is Love Is Blind Scripted? Signs The Netflix Show Is Fake

Is Love Is Blind Scripted? Signs The Netflix Show Is Staged & Fake

Although Love Is Blind diehard fans want to believe the Netflix reality TV show is real and one hundred percent unscripted, there are a bunch of signs the show is stage managed. Much like the WWE professional wrestling viewers, many in the audience do not want to break their suspended disbelief or kayfabe that the Love Is Blind cast members are truly falling in love or as villainous as they appear on camera. Then there are the successful couples from season 1: Amber and Barnett, Cameron and Lauren. There long-lasting love and marriages definitely aren’t fake. However, the latest drama from Love Is Blind season 3’s cast has some viewers question how real the show is. They’re wondering if the “experiment” to find out if love is truly blind is nothing more than a farce.

From Cole Barnett callously telling his fiancé Zanab Jaffrey he finds ballerina Colleen Reed hotter, to Raven Ross doing jumping jacks as bad boy Bartise Bowden spills his heart, to a (acting?) naïve Nancy Rodriguez tells Bartise about sharing her lucrative rental property business with him even though she knows he isn’t attracted to her, parts of the show definitely seem staged for the humorous effect of dramatic irony. Here are all the signs the show is staged for fans asking the question, “Is Love Is Blind scripted?” The short answer: some things are definitely real, while much of the show is also scripted and fake.

The Show’s Credits Reveal A Production Crew Create Scripted Stories For Love Is Blind

The first big clue right under unsuspecting fans’ noses that the show isn’t exactly real and natural is the show’s credits at the end of each episode. Admittedly, it’s easy enough to miss all the behind the camera roles of the show as Netflix prompts viewers to watch the next episode or another piece of content while the names and job titles quickly vanish as fast as they appear.

However, if you pause the credits you’ll see a lot of job titles that are clearly involved in engineering story lines for the show. That or fans can see Love Is Blind‘s large production team on iMDB.

The show is directed by Brian Smith. Love Is Blind season 3’s production team under him includes two associate directors, three stage managers, eight story (emphasis added) producers, two segment producers, seven field producers, five story (emphasis added) assistants and a bunch of other production and post production show crew. Oh, and there are also eleven editors and five assistant editors. Then there’s over a dozen employees working on casting for the show. That’s an awful lot of editors, directors, stage managers and story producers on payroll if the show isn’t scripted.

The Golden Metal Cups Hide Continuity Errors Of Love Is Blind‘s Deceptive Editing

The Golden Cups On Love Is Blind Are For Continuity When Production Selectively Edits Camera Footage

The golden cups On Love Is Blind are to avoid continuity issues when production selectively edits camera footage to craft a certain story (Netflix).

Love Is Blind fans have long commented on the gold metal cups and wine glasses used throughout the show’s history since the beginning. Reality TV fans will sometimes notice something off with a scene on a show, like the sun suddenly changing spots in the sky, or a drink or food suddenly disappearing from a scene in what appears to be an instant. To avoid continuity issues like this, Love Is Blind‘s production team makes the cast only drink out of metal wine glasses and cups to avoid continuity issues when the splice and dice footage to craft a certain storyline. If the cups were visible to the viewer the amount of liquid in the glass could suddenly change drastically when cutting out parts of a conversation.

One glaring continuity error editors missed on Love Is Blind season 1 was when Giannini Gibelli fled her wedding after she got rejected by Damian Powers at the altar. She slipped and fell in her wedding dress, causing a major mud stain on the back of it. However, when she returned to talk things out with Damian her mud stain on her dress magically disappeared. The wedding dress continuity error suggested the hullabaloo at the wedding was staged.

Love Is Blind Season 1 Continuity Error With Giannina's Wedding Dress Stain

Love Is Blind season 1 had a glaring continuity error when Giannina’s wedding dress was stained and then later disappeared (Netflix).

The Love Is Blind Notebooks Appear To Have Printed Prompts Or Scripts For Cast Members To Follow

Eagle-eyed Love Is Blind season 2 viewers spotted Shaina Hurley reading from a page of printed material.

Is this show scripted? from LoveIsBlindOnNetflix

On top of that, fans also spotted an Instagram post from her supposed love-interest Kyle Abrams in which there is printed text that appear to be prompts or scripted lines for him to read.

Love Is Blind season 2 Star Kyle's Notebook Appears To Have A Printed Script

Love Is Blind season 2’s Kyle’s notebook appears to have printed script of lines for him to read (Instagram).

Despite all these factors contributing to the fakeness of the show Love Is Blind, there are some signs a lot of it is unscripted and real.

Love Is Blind Cast Are Not Actors

Love Is Blind’s Colleen: Dancer/PR Jobs, Age, Instagram, More

Although Love Is Blind season 3’s Andrew Liu tried his best to produce tears using eyedrops, cast members of the Netflix hit show are not actors. Sure, some of them are aspiring actors and actresses, but none of them are professionals. That’s why they get paid such a paltry sum of only up to $1,000 a week up to 8 weeks, they aren’t unionized actors that are part of SAG-AFTRA.

Furthermore, the Love Is Blind has a whole team for casting, meaning these employees look for prospective contestants to go on the show. They have an entire vetting process where they find real people actually looking to find their life partner. The reason Netflix didn’t rush Love Is Blind season 2 after the first season was a smash hit is because it takes time to find the right 30 attractive people from one city willing to go on a reality TV show and genuinely looking to settle down. If the producers weren’t serious about trying to find compatible couples they could just select people from all over the world like shows Too Hot To Handle and Dated And Related.

That said, of course some of the contestants lie and are really on the show to build clout as an influencer or try to get famous. Love Is Blind season 3’s Colleen Reed comes to mind. The success of the initial season makes the casting team’s job all that much harder.

Successful Couples Still Married Proves Love Is Blind Is Overall Still Real

Amber and Barnett are still happily married after meeting blind on Love Is Blind three years ago. So are Cameron and Lauren. The couple share their loving relationship on their successful YouTube channel.

Show creator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Weekly the first season they were worried that maybe no one would get engaged. Instead the experiment was a roaring success. They had too many engaged couples to include them all on the show. Plenty of cast and production have also insisted the show is 100% real and unscripted.

Finally, Love Is Blind‘s premise of getting engaged without seeing your fiancé is one-hundred percent authentic. There’s no faking the reactions contestants have had when seeing their spouse-to-be for the first time outside of the pods.

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