Does Camille Leave Below Deck: Clues She’s Fired & Who Replaces Her

Does Camille Leave Below Deck: Clues She's Fired & Who Replaces Her

Below Deck season 10 stewardess-deckhand Camille Lamb shocked fans of the show due to her blatant laziness. Throughout the first six episodes of the show Camille displayed way more energy for partying than for doing her job. Finally, Captain Sandy Yawn gave Camille an ultimatum to start pulling her own workload or walk the plank. She immediately began bawling after getting chewed out, leading fans to ask: Does Camille leave Below Deck season 10? Judging by her behavior thus far on the show, it should come as no surprise she likely gets fired after the fourth group of charter guests leave Saint Lucia. Many of the Below Deck season 10 crew member’s followed another yachtie stewardess at the time of filming, suggesting she comes on to replace Camille.

Camille used her “floater” role as a way to avoid work on the interior. The Mississippi native now living in Florida also talked back to her two bosses, Bosun Ross McHarg and Chief Stew Fraser Olender. She even threw Captain Sandy under the bus, claiming she let her have a 30 minute break when she tried to escape doing dishes for Chef Rachel Hargrove. She also went for a swim while on the job preparing for a beach picnic. Oh, and she’d take random naps when she was supposed to help the deck team. To top it off, Camille constantly talked back to Second Stewardess Alissa Humber.

Does Camille Leave Below Deck? New Stew On Instagram Suggests She’s Fired

Below Deck Season 10 Stew Camille Lamb Surprisingly Doing Work

Below Deck season 10 stew Camille Lamb surprisingly working hard doing the laundry (Bravo).

Although Camille starts to work harder on the episode 7 preview, it looks like it’s too little too late. Eventually Camille lets her hot head and big mouth get the best of her again, all clues suggest.

Yachtie chief stewardess and South African Leigh-Ann is followed by many of the Below Deck season 10 cast, including Fraser, Alissa, Hayley De Sola Pinto, and Camille’s boatmance boy, deckhand Ben Willoughby. The fact they all began following her at around the time of filming suggests she joins the crew to replace Camille once she gets fired.

Possible Below Deck Season 10 New Stew Leigh-Ann

Possible Below Deck season 10 new stew Leigh-Ann (Instagram).

Leigh-Ann is a big fan of ice cream and motocross. She even rides motocross and competes.

Suspected Below Deck season 10 stew Leigh-Ann with her motocross bike

Suspected Below Deck season 10 new stew Leigh-Ann with her motocross bike (Instagram).

Even before it’s been confirmed whether or not Camille leaves Below Deck season 10 early after getting fired, she’s already picking fights with Captain Lee Rosbach on her Instagram.

Captain Lee, who left season 10 early due to health issues, commented on Camille’s atrocious behavior on the show.

She retorted with her own attack: “Have you lost your mind? I’m a 24-year-old trying to figure out life, you just made it that more difficult. You know … I thought the exact same thing when you joked about dragging your [bleep] through whiskey glass in front of a crowd of people at the premiere. My exact thought was of all the things you’ve lost Lee, you miss your mind the most. Get real and get off Twitter with that bull.”

Camille was referring to the two attending the premiere for Below Deck season 10. She previously posted a YouTube video documenting part of the event.

Meanwhile, Camille is now defending her work ethic and attitude on the show.

Are Camille & Ben Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Camille & Ben Flirting On Below Deck Season 10

Things got hot and heavy between Camille and Ben on the first night out in Saint Lucia. On episode 6 they hooked up and their romance got serious. Camille told Ben she wanted a partner, too. The two also made out on the captain’s chair in the wheelhouse. Now, if Camille gets fired, fans want to know if they’re still together.

Are Ben & Camille Still Together After Below Deck Season 10

Ben posted pictures of him with Camille with a caption about their Below Deck season 10 boatmance (Instagram).

Camille and Ben both posted pictures of the couple together on the show recently talking about their “love”. However, they haven’t posted any recent pictures together and throughout the history of the show a boatmance hasn’t lasted. Also, Camille and Ben live on opposite sides of the world. He lives in Australia and Camille lives in America. That said, perhaps these two lovebirds will be the first couple to defy the odds. The odds are likely even worse if Camille gets fired and leaves Below Deck season 10 early.

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