Meet Charter Guests Karan & Payal From Below Deck Season 10

Meet Charter Guests Karan & Payal From Below Deck Season 10

So far the Below Deck season 10 charter guests have been easygoing for the crew members to please. The first three groups of charter guests also gave great tip money. So, when stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto predicts they’re due for “some pretty horrible guests” fans began wondering if the next group will be nightmare guests. Below Deck season 10 fans weren’t disappointed by Primary Charter Guest Karan Bakshi, his wife Kamna Kapoor Bakshi, his sister Payal Bakshi, her partner Ronak, friends Rahul, Vivek and other rude behavior aboard superyacht St. David. Second Stewardess Alissa Humber said they were “demanding” and “drinking like fish” as soon as they arrived. They kept her up until 4 a.m. the first night aboard.

Here’s what we know about Below Deck charter guests Karan, Kamna, Rahul, Vivek and Payal.

Meet Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guests Karan, Kamna & Payal

At the preference sheet meeting, Captain Sandy Yawn reveals Karan Bakshi is the owner of multiple businesses and is based in Ashburn, a town located in a northern part of Virginia. He lives there with his wife, Kamna Kapoor Bakshi, who also chartered the superyacht visiting different locations in Saint Lucia. Karan is “the Founder and CEO of Vision Group, a leading multinational conglomerate of technology companies specializing in digital transformation for Retail” reads his LinkedIn profile.

“Vision group serves over 200 customers, including many of the world’s most beloved brands and some of the world’s most prominent retailers. Vision group is the only organization that has been successful at bringing all aspects of digital transformation for retail under one roof, from Space Planning and retail execution, to connected assets and frictionless retail,” Karan’s profile further explains about his business.

“Karan has built all the vision group companies on three pillars: People, Process and Technology, and his focus has been on balancing and strengthening all three. [He] believes that the key reason for the success of all his companies is their focus on their corporate values of Customers First, Honesty & Integrity, Accountability, Growing Together and Being Pioneers.”

On the preference sheet Karan let the crew know him and his wife don’t leave their house without their hookah, which they plan to smoke each night along with cigars while on the superyacht. He also planned a surprise party for his wife and a Bollywood dinner party on their last night chartering the yacht.

Karan and his wife Kamna Instagram profiles are set to private.

Meet Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Payal

Below Deck Season 10 Charter Guest Payal Bakshi, Karan's Sister

Below Deck Season 10 charter guest Payal Bakshi on superyacht St. David (Instagram).

Payal Bakshi, an apparent relative (perhaps Karan’s sister), also joined the couple on Below Deck season 10. Payal’s Instagram reveals her husband also chartered the superyacht St. David last year on the show. The pair celebrated their nine-year anniversary together earlier this year, and recently celebrated the Indian celebration of Diwali. They’re also the proud parents of a daughter. Since Below Deck season 10 fans started dragging this group of charter guests online for their demanding ways on the show, Payal and Ronak also set their Instagram accounts to private.

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Payal Bakshi And Her Husband

Below Deck season 10 charter guest Payal Bakshi and her husband (Instagram).

Payal and her husband love watching professional sports, including soccer, basketball and football. Rahul, Vivek and the other charter guests also don’t appear to have public social media profiles at this time.

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