Who Is Deandre “SipTheKid” Smith from Squid Game The Challenge: Acting Job, IG, More

Who Is Deandre "SipTheKid" Smith from Squid Game The Challenge: Acting Job, IG, More

Squid Game The Challenge first drops on Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 22 and we’re be looking for some heroes and villains to distinguish themselves. It’ll be difficult considering the size and scope of the competition they’re in, and the insane prize of $4.56 million USD. If anyone can stand out among the 456 potential winners, it’ll be Deandre SipTheKid Smith. If you’re asking who is Deandre SipTheKid Smith, you’ll find a lot of answers: actor, motivational speaker, promoter. He seems like a born leader but does he have what it takes to last to the very end? What are his motivations for entering the competition? Let’s see if we can find any clues.

Who Is Deandre SiptheKid Smith: TV Appearances, Hosting/Acting Job, YouTube, IG, Facebook, Age, Horoscope

SipTheKid Deandre Smith striking a pose

SipTheKid Deandre Smith striking a pose (Instagram).

Hailing from Waterloo, Iowa, SipTheKid is the definition of a local hero. SipTheKid’s IG (which is about to get a major boost from its paltry 1,566 followers) details the story of how he lost his mother and brother to gun violence in 2018. He references this tragedy often and it will most likely come up during the show. But it hasn’t held him back from being the host of the Iowa Music Awards, acting in several indie films, or being featured on MTV with Nickelodeon legend Kel Mitchell. Some of his 14 films include Red, Without You, and Singles, according to his IMDB page which also gives his birthday as March 13, 1991. This means he is 32 years old and a passionate and compassionate Pisces.

SipTheKid has a YouTube channel that hasn’t been updated in years where he focuses on his motivational speaking. He had 2,700 subscribers on the channel and he spoke often about premonitions. He also has videos on the law of attraction and quantum jumping into other universes. His Facebook profile has some details about his other TV appearances beyond Squid Game The Challenge. For example, his buddy Landon and him are debuting a new comedy show called The Polterguys on FOX. Next month, just after Squid Game, he’ll be featured in a documentary on his life story and family.

Who Is Deandre SiptheKid Smith: Wife and Children, Celebrity Connections, Music

SipTheKid is a happily married man to Bianca Hughes. Bianca lists two daughters, DeMoni and DeYona, on her Facebook profile. Since they bear SipTheKid’s last name, Smith, we can safely assume they are his children too. However, SipTheKid has another love and that is music. He has recorded a number of tracks under the name Yung Sippi, including “Motivation”  On his promotional image for the Iowa Music Awards, SipTheKid mentions that he’s appeared on the Jay Leno Show and has worked with Kanye and Kim Kardashian. He’s also got a photo with classic hip hop duo Eightball and MJG on his IG profile. SipTheKid has even bigger things ahead as he is about to star in a Scream spinoff on 2024.

It’s safe to say that even if SipTheKid doesn’t win at Squid Game The Challenge he’s got enough going on to classify him as a winner. He’ll have quite a few surprises for viewers on the show.

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