Big Brother Reindeer Games: Everything Fans Need To Know

Big Brother Reindeer Games: Everything Fans Need To Know

Twas the month before Christmas and all through the Big Brother house not a creature will be stirring, not even a mouse. Seriously, the new mini-season of Big Brother Reindeer Games will be 100 percent dedicated to comps. No live feeds, no votes, no alliances, and most of all, no Julie Chen Moonves hosting. There will be presents under this tree, though. We can look forward to the return of several Big Brother contenders from past seasons, including one returning houseguest from Big Brother season 25. And, for such a short show, there is a significant prize of $100,000. But when you consider that we’re getting this instead of another series of Big Brother Legends, fans may want to re-gift this special and call Santa stingy. As we dash through the snow towards the first few episodes, here’s what fans need to know about Big Brother Reindeer Games.

Big Brother Reindeer Games: Making A List Of Competitions, Checking It Twice Over Two Weeks

Each of the six episodes throughout December will feature three holly, jolly holiday themed competitions. Then, the episode will cap off with a Santa’s Showdown leading to one elimination. There will be four competitors left by the final episode, which means that there will be nine guests in all. All nine will be from previous Big Brother seasons, and one will return from season 25. If you check Reddit, Cameron Hardin appears to be leading the speculation as the returning guest. Of course, there is absolutely no proof of his involvement. One name who will not be on the list is Janelle Pierzina. The season six standout will be competing on season 2 of The Traitors and confirmed her scheduling conflict on Twitter.

We do know that the episodes will air on December 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, and 21 respectively, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Grab your eggnog and hot cocoa and cuddle up by the fire for a two-hour intro episode on the 11th starting at 8 PM on CBS. The other 5 episodes air at 9 PM and run for one hour each.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Cast: A Big Christmas Surprise

Although CBS hasn’t announced the competitors on the new spinoff mini-series, fans expect Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, and Britney Haynes to be part of the cast after their two cameo appearance on BB 25. Fans also think it’s a no-brainer to cast former competitor Christmas Abbot. We’ll have to wait and see who production tapped to be on the show, but there are plenty of rumors on X. Show Star News will update who’s on the cast of Big Brother Reindeer Games as soon as the news drops.

Big Brother Reindeer Games: Dashing, Dancing Hosts Are Former Competitors

So far, we have no idea what the competitions will be, other than they’ll likely be similar to the ones on Buddy Games. We also don’t know what’s involved in a “Santa’s Showdown.” But heading up the mayhem will be three of “Santa’s Elves”, and they won’t just be watching from the safety of the shelf. Our three Elves are Derek Xiao and Tiffany Mitchell from Season 23, and Season 11’s Jordan Lloyd. Will they be intervening in the games, or acting as judges and jury? Nobody knows. Since we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet, the episodes haven’t been filmed apparently.

And, while the comps will be taking place inside the Big Brother House itself, the contestants will be hanging out at a nearby hotel between episodes. This means that the Elves will be carrying more than the usual share of the drama. We can also expect the troublemaking trio of Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, and Britney Haynes to cameo. After all, they were the ones who opened the portal to the Holidayverse with their Time Laser.

Big Brother Reindeer Games: A Blue Christmas (For Reality Fans?)

This spinoff is clearly meant to fill a Big Brother sized hole in fans’ hearts as they hold out for more news of season 26. But there’s a Grinch menacing this production, and that’s the SAG strike. The actors’ strike only recently ended, and with it, scripted series will be back after Black Friday. Could this be the reason why the teased production of a new Legends series never came to pass? Reality TV as we know it was created in the wake of the 2000 SAG strike. That’s why there have been so many articles talking about the interplay between this season and the recent strike. If the parties hadn’t come to an agreement, Christmas would have come early for Big Brother superfans. Now we just get this holiday knockoff.

As we count down to Christmastime we’ll have more developments as to who will compete and how the show works. With theories about a mysterious advent calendar on the house wall circulating, we’re hoping for a Christmas miracle.

UPDATE: We now know every name on Santa’s cast list for this special. The rumors about Cameron’s involvement were true, as he is the returning cast member from S25. Representing the Naughty List are Frankie, Danielle and Britney, who have levelled up from background distractions to actual competitors. We’ve got 5 returning champions in the mix, such as underdog Taylor Hale who won S24, and Cody Calafiore, the S22 victor. Rounding things out are S19 winner Josh Martinez, S23 winner Xavier Prather, and S18 champion Nicole Franzel.

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