Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Chef Marcos’s Best Food & Dishes From Show

Chef Marcos's Best Food Dishes From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Find out all of the best food/dishes Chef Marcos Spaziani cooked on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 (Screenshot, Bravo).

The food on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 wowed fans, thanks to Chef Marcos Spaziani‘s delectable dishes he cooked in the Parsifal III galley.

Captain Glenn Shephard and the rest of the crew had high praise for their chef’s culinary creations all season long. “Dude, you’re a legend. You keep outdoing yourself,” Captain Glenn told Chef Marcos in episode 15. And the charter guests loved his food, too. The high charter tips throughout most of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 showed how much guests enjoyed Chef Marcos’s food.

The following article includes all of Chef Marcos’s best food and dishes from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3, which basically means almost every dish included on the show.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episode 1 of BDSY Season 3


Primary McCordia Young and the other charter guests had ravenous appetites. But Chef Marcos was up to the task.

On episode one Chef Marcos whipped up crostini with Manchengo cheese (Spanish cheese made of sheep’s milk), chorizo, cherry tomatoes, microgreens and balsamic vinegar. He also made a crostini with caramelized onions, rib eye, and chimichurri sauce (uncooked South American sauce).

Chef Marcos also cooked them caramelized scallops with mango and yellow chili aioli.

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher gave Chef Marcos high praise right out of the gate, saying she can tell he’s a seasoned yachtie after seeing his “elegant” dishes.

Chef Marcos also cooked the first group of charter guests oysters with cucumber and ginger mignonette, Burrata salad with heirloom tomatoes and balsamic foam, beef tenderloin with red wine reduction and cauliflower gratin.

“If I wasn’t married I’d be in the kitchen with you!” said one of the charter guests after wolfing down Chef Marcos’s food.

When the charter guests were still hungry after dinner, he made them a snack of shrimp with whiskey butter sauce.

He also served them a tiramisu dessert.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episode 2 of Season 3


The first breakfast Chef Marcos cooked the charter guests a smorgasbord of delicious dishes.

Breakfast included smoked salmon, assorted fruit, French toasts, scrambled eggs, bacon and more.

The beach picnic feast included BBQ ribs, potato salad and more.

For the second dinner of the first charter guests, Chef Marcos went all out. He cooked grilled octopus with roasted pepper gochujang aioli Korean spicy sauce. For another course, he gave them roasted beetroot salad with mango, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. The next dish, he cooked them cucumber carpaccio with lobster salad with cherry tomatoes. The main course was a mouthwatering rib eye steak with zuchinni fettucine.

The second brunch was another feast, including dish highlights of smoked salmon, and watermelon and feta salad.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episodes 3 & 4 of BDSY Season 3


Ingrate charter guests Erica Rose and her husband Charles may have complained a lot about Chef Marcos’s food. But even they couldn’t hide how much they enjoyed some of the dishes.

On episode three, they enjoyed mushroom salad with truffles, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, grilled vegetables plated ratatouille-style, a marinated steak with chives, garlic, and mustard Dijon.

After Charles trashed Chef Marcos breakfast, Daisy made sure the guests got less refined second dinner. After Chef Marcos took (un)special food requests from Erica Rose, he made the worst meal (really the only bad one) of the season.

The unrefined Erica Rose the other charter guests ate tuna tartar, spicy tuna crispy rice, spaghetti with marinara sauce, cream of spinach soup, mashed potatoes, rib eye steak (again) with miso broccoli with ginger.

Despite having to serve jerks without taste palettes, Chef Marcos managed to still make delicious dishes.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episodes 5 & 6 of BDSY Season 3


Sometimes the drama aboard the ship takes up too much airtime, meaning less of Chef Marcos food gets shown on camera. However, on episodes five and six the food aired on TV was more than satiating.

The first dinner included lobster bisque with siracha aioli, beef tenderloin with fried potatoes from Menorca, Spain, on top. Primary James Cox Junior and the rest of the charter guests loved the meal.

For the first brunch, Chef Marcos made a cheese plate, cold cuts, fruit plate, crepes, and, most noteworthy, a gigantic apple tart.

For the second dinner, Chef Marcos made an incredible seafood paella with scallops, lobster, calamari, and traditional Bomba rice. “It’s going to be flamenco inside their mouth,” Chef Marcos quipped about the dish.

“Holy guacamole, that paella is prettier than me,” deckhand Kelsie Goglia said after seeing the colorful creation.

The next brunch, Chef Marcos made a frittata with asparagus, onion, ham and cheese. Of course there were a bunch of other delicious dishes to go along with frittata.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episodes 7 & 8 of BDSY Season 3


Charter four, Chef Marcos kept up the heat in his galley.

The first dinner for Primary Jim Blumenthal and the other charter guests did not disappoint.

Chef Marcos cooked up storm. The first course was scallop tartare with hot chili foam. Next he made octopus with spicy aioli. The main was lamb stew with mushrooms and white wine vinegar. And last, but certainly not least, he baked them butternut squash tarts famous in Menorca, Spain

For the first brunch, Chef Marcos baked a brie en croûte with raspberry and then honey truffle on top, hash browns, bacon, a fruit platter, pastries, bread, cold cuts, and more.

The second dinner he served the charter guests mussels, clams, lobsters, scallops, shrimp tartare, calamari a la plancha, scallops with beurre blanc, and calamari and chorizo rice.

The final breakfast of the charter Chef Marcos made avocado toast with jalapenos and grapefruit (sour and spicy!), as well as egg muffins with spinach and goat cheese (yum).

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episodes 9 of BDSY Season 3


The fifth charter primaries Tim Miller and Dawn Zacha presented a new challenge for Chef Marcos. Dawn’s vegan diet meant he had to come up with alternative dishes for her throughout the charter. But he more than delivered, showing off his vegan culinary skills.

The first snack he made for them was mini salmon carpaccio.

Meal one included: couscous salad, grilled vegetables (yellow and green zucchini, potatoes, and asparagus) with balsamic reduction, tarragon lemon chicken and smoked apple wood salmon.

The first dinner he made prawns, cigalas (crawfish) with a salad and cherry vinaigrette and white balsamic tarragon. For the vegan guest he made beet root salad with cashew aioli and pesto. The vegan guest was served a special butternut squash prepared like a grilled beef tenderloin. Other guests dined on rock lobster tail from Minorca. All the guests also enjoyed creamy mashed potatoes with vegan butter.

The morning breakfast was pretty standard fare, but it also included vegan sausage and vegan scrambled eggs.

The final dinner of the fifth charter included: saffron asparagus risotto, dover sole with clams and mussels with paprika sauce, and vegan fried chicken for Dawn. For dessert, Chef Marcos tripled down on strawberries. He made them spaghetti strawberry with kiwi with white chocolate chips. In the middle of the dessert he added a vodka strawberry shot. Also on the dessert dish he he plated a strawberry ravioli with passion fruit and mint.

The next morning he served the guests vegan crepes, on top of the standard five-star breakfast Chef Marcos typically makes.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episode 11 & 12 of BDSY Season 3


For the uncouth charter guests of charter six, Chef Marcos kept his food at another level.

The first dinner he served Dr. Kim Nichols and the other uncouth guests a five-course meal. The feast included, Spanish tortilla with chorizo, French onion soup, branzino and scallop on spinach cake with caviar, tomahawk steak with vegetables, and for dessert, poached pear with vanilla ice cream.

The following day’s breakfast was the standard smorgasbord.

For the second dinner, the rude charter guests had a sushi night. Chef Marcos showed off even more of his wide-ranging repertoire. He made them tuna tataki, a crab roll with avocado and cream cheese, salmon roll with caviar, and a spicy tuna roll with jalapeno and truffle oil.

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episode 13 & 14 of Season 3


On the seventh charter Chef Marcos managed to up the difficulty level even more. Primary Keely Washburn requested gluten-free food, meanwhile two other guests requested dairy-free meals. Another two asked for no shellfish.

The first snack on board, Chef Marcos served them chicken with fig, bacon and a pear-wine reduction.

Dinner one of the charter, Chef Marcos made a three-course meal of surf and turf.

The first course was seared duck breast with a pear-Bordeaux reduction. Next he served up beef tenderloin with black pepper sauce and lobster (for those who wanted shellfish). For dessert, the charter guests had gluten-free chocolate cake with a crème brûlée and Italian méringue with a raspberry sauce.

In the morning, Chef Marcos made gluten-free blueberry muffins for part of breakfast.

For the second dinner, Chef Marcos raised the stakes, making a ten-course meal (80 plates).

Here were the 10 courses on the dinner menu:

1: Gazpacho with prosciutto and quail egg.

2: Beetroot tartare with mango, caramelized hazel nuts, goat cheese foam and balsamic reduction.

3: Penne Rigate with cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce.

4. Dover sole braided with zucchini.

5. Seared salmon with chipotle aioli.

6. Beef tenderloin marinated with fresh herbs.

7. Green bean tempura.

8. Wagyu ribeye.

9. Lemon sorbet with lemon zest and mint on top.

10. Matcha tiramisu with a gold strawberry on top

Chef Marcos’s Best Food Dishes From Episode 14 & 15 of Season 3


The eighth charter of tech millionaire Lane Merrifield and his fiancé and friends brought new challenges for Chef Marcos. Lane had eaten at over 30 Michelin star restaurants before the trip, and he also requested molecular gastronomy. So expectations were high.

On day one, Chef Marcos cooked them a lunch feast. Rib-eye with crispy vegetables, red snapper, grilled chicken, and caprese salad with burrata cheese were all on the menu.

Seafood night dinner followed, which included, Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus), mussels with chorizo, clams with white wine and oregano sauce, saffron rice and cigalas. For dessert he made them a crème brûlée with star fruit on the side.

For the second dinner, Chef Marcos found out last minute from Daisy that Captain Glenn would be having dinner with the guests, meaning he needed to account for a ninth person eating his food. To make things even more intense, he was making molecular gastronomy, which involved blending food into gelatin shapes of other food.

The first course was Andalusian gazpacho red pepper ice “cherry tomato” coulis. The next course, Marcos made them balsamic pearl and burrata on gelatin tomato. After that, the third course was prosciutto y melone with melon “caviar” and carpaccio “cucumber”. Finally, Marcos made them Chipotle “foam” with scalloped potatoes and poached butternut squash with caramelized white wine. Lane and his friend were blown away with the food.

For the morning breakfast, Chef Marcos included a shakshuka as part of the meal.

This article will be updated with the rest of Chef Marcos delicious meals from the rest of the season.

Check Out More Of Chef Marcos Meals At His LA Restaurant

Marcos Spaziani isn’t just a chef, but he also is an entrepreneur, owning an LA restaurant. Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans can check out more of his food dish creations at his restaurant’s Instagram page.

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