The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Man Problems’ (Season 1, Episode 6 Recap)

Lockdown continues for the Bradshaw Bunch, who have an outbreak of Man Problems. Three suitors vie for Rachel’s attentions, while Terry debates whether to take the blue pill: a pill for men, that is.

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99 Bradshaw Bunch Problems, But A Man Ain’t One

The usual stream of demand for Terry to hawk products has dried to a trickle. It’s gotten so bad that Terry has been reduced to pitching pills for men. The very thought is traumatizing for the girls, but Terry wants to help the guys out there who need a little booster.

Tammy tries to make her husband see reason. “Can you hear the guys on Fox talking about you?” she asks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Bradshaw Bunch is working on solving a different kind of man problem. We see Brady, Terry’s preacher friend’s son, calling to say hello. Rachel didn’t know he was on Zoom. Tammy and Terry introduce the two and find a convenient excuse to leave. We learn Brady lives in Austin, and he’s putting out his first book. Rachel isn’t that impressed, and Brady pushing her to get his number doesn’t help.

Not to be outdone, Erin makes her own matchmaker play and connects Rachel with Connor Saeli from The Bachelorette. He may be famous, but he’s 25 and lives in Michigan. Then Lacey gets in on the action with her pick, Sean, who’s at least only a few years younger and works in medical device sales. By now, Rachel has clued in that she’s the centre of a Bradshaw Bunch man problem competition.

While the men make their proposals, Erin hosts the family barbecue and shows that she’s the hostess with the mostest. It’s a day of fun with medicine ball races, a giant Connect Four, and hobby horse races. But of course, the big cliffhanger of the day is who will Rachel choose?

Well, it’s not the only cliffhanger. Noah is the only vote in favour of Terry doing the ad. Thankfully, the big man bows to the voice of the majority and decides against.

OK, finally, Rachel’s choice is revealed and it’s… Brady who brought roses, which he leaves in the driveway. He maintains social distancing to a degree, but he does hop the wall since the gate doesn’t open. Later, Rachel reveals that if she didn’t pick her dad’s choice she’d never hear the end of it. From one Bradshaw Bunch man problem to the next, apparently!

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