Jewish Matchmaking’s Stuart: Everything To Know About Him

Jewish Matchmaking's Stuart: Everything To Know About Him

An unlikely star of Jewish MatchmakingStuart Chaseman captured some viewers’ hearts with his endless jokes. The struggling musician and businessman stood out from his fellow competitors with his honesty, self-deprecation and sarcastic but vulnerable attitude. Stuart embodies the bewildered everyman spirit of his fellow Netflix showman Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’s unpretentious enough to interact with his fans on Reddit threads and bring even more jokes to the masses. Stuart was visibly in pain after a back surgery and was sadly alone after the death of his parents. However, he came out of his shell and made the most of his reality show experience. Now, he has a much larger following for his upcoming album and people wishing he had a longer arc on the show. Instead of curbing our enthusiasm for Stuart, let’s dig into Jewish Matchmaking‘s Stuart: Everything To Know. 

Jewish Matchmaking’s Stuart: Job, Business, Music, Age, Birthday & More

Jewish Matchmaking star Stuart's dogs

Jewish Matchmaking star Stuart’s dogs (Instagram).

The 51-year-old Stuart (who reads at a 56-year-old level) would like you to know that his new album is coming out later this month. There aren’t any unsigned CDs online, but Secrets, Lies, and Alibis is available for $10. The debut single, “Sins”, and accompanying music video can be found on Stuart’s Instagram profile. There, you can also find Stuart broadcasting directly from his dentist chair, as well as other photos of him looking his usual disheveled self. In typical Stuart fashion you can see that he’s getting some help from his publicist, Suzanne Torrison, to manage the simple act of posting videos on IG. Stuart is a proud Chicago native and his website reveals that he previously released another album in 2010.

He takes lots of inspiration from Boomer icons Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. If you check out Stuart’s Facebook, you can see his weekly sepia-toned recording sessions, which he calls the “Super Sunday Sepia-Toned Serenade.” Stuart’s FB reveals his birthday to be September 6, and that — amazingly, but not suprisingly — he still has a Myspace. Stuart is caring, hardworking, and a very clear communicator, which makes him an obvious Virgo. He follows Nakysha Mays-Osadchey from Jewish Matchmaking, and since Nakysha doesn’t let just anyone follow her, they can be assumed to be friends. He’s a graduate of the University of Illinois, where he studied Marketing and Management. His business venture, Scholastic School Supply, has been in operation since 2017. Stuart is also a pet lover, with two dogs, Bailey and Rosalita.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Stuart: Is Stuart With Pamela?

Stuart from Jewish Matchmaking

Stuart from Jewish Matchmaking (Netflix).

Stuart’s love journey on Jewish Matchmaking went through many ups and downs. Youth worker Hope was a miss right from the get go. Hope was too spiritual for the extremely secular Stuart, and while things were cordial there was absolutely no romantic energy there. Stuart did hit it off immediately with Pamela Rae Schuller, a comedian who was a match for Stuart’s rapid-fire quips. Their vibe was a lot warmer, although it seemed much more friendly than romantic. Pamela’s experience with Tourette’s syndrome and her work as a disability advocate seemed right up Stuart’s alley. Stuart and Pamela are Facebook friends, but remember that there is over a decade in age difference between the two. Even if Pamela and Stuart don’t end up falling in love, they are two mutual dog lovers, and they had fun interacting onscreen.

Maybe Stuart will end up with his own comedy special. We hope to hear more from him soon.

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