Big Brother Pressure Cooker Competition Rules & Past Prizes Won

Big Brother Pressure Cooker Competition Rules & Past Prizes Won

Just when you thought pressure in the Big Brother 25 house had peaked, the Pressure Cooker competition made a surprise comeback. The ultimate Big Brother endurance competition, the Pressure Cooker can last hours and just gets harder as it goes on. The rules of the Pressure Cooker are simple: stay standing and keep your finger on a button no matter what. (Now you know where Mr. Beast likely came up with some of his video ideas). You also have to stand in a glass box while you do it, making this a literal pressure cooker. It may sound easy, but when you factor in no bathroom breaks, no food or water, and no sitting down? The pressure was definitely on in Big Brother‘s Pressure Cooker Competition

Cameron Hardin won the BB 25 Pressure Cooker Competition just under 14 hours into the Scaryverse rendition of the challenge. America Lopez was the final competitor to drop out, disappointing a lot of fans who prefer her over Cameron.

Big Brother Pressure Cooker CompetitionThe Season 6 Marathon

The best known Pressure Cooker competition took place during season 6, and the winner was Arena League football dancer Jennifer Vasquez.  As you can see from the video above, things got crazier and crazier as time went on. The first three guests eliminated lost for accidentally touching the ground, dancing too energetically, and by pretending they didn’t slip on purpose. Eliminated competitors did get consolation prizes, however. These included a selection of cocktails (which were quickly consumed), a Netflix subscription and plasma TV, and $3,000 in cash. Every time three people were eliminated, they were made to leave the box, but before hand they could try to barter their prizes with other houseguests.

Then, things got harder because a new rule was introduced. Guests could no longer switch hands and had to keep one hand on the button at all times. Guests now began to drop because the emotional weight was too much for them. The quality of the prizes dropped, ranging from rotten eggs, to another empty box with an air horn sound. Finally, a deal was made and the final two took their fingers off at the same time. Jennifer came away with the HOH for that week after lasting 14 hours, 37 minutes.

Big Brother Pressure Cooker CompetitionThe Season 25 Marathon

The final six houseguests competing in the pressure cooker competition on BB 25

The final six houseguests competing in the pressure cooker competition on BB 25 (Pluto TV).

Nearly 14 hours in, Cameron finally won the Big Brother 25‘s Pressure Cooker competition. Find out when the final competitors dropped out of the Pressure Cooker competition andwhat prizes and punishments housegeusts received here.

Big Brother Pressure Cooker Competition: Season 5 & Big Brother Quebec

When the Pressure Cooker competition debuted in season 5, it was called “I Have A Secret,” and the glass case was gone. Instead, the competition was held outside and the houseguests had to stand in front of life-size cardboard cutouts. The button was located in the cutout’s mouth, and there were no prizes for eliminated houseguests — only the HOH was up for grabs. The competitors were taunted with pizza, got the no-switch-hand warning at 4 hours, and many competitors were lost to accidental finger-slips. After 7 hours and 22 minutes, foot-shifting was banned and the final two had to stand with both feet planted. An accidental foot twitch led to the final elimination at 9 hours 32 minutes and Diane Henry was the winner and became HOH.

Most Pressure Cooker explainers claim that we’ve been denied the competition since 2005, when season 6 took place. But Celebrity Big Brother Season 1, aka Big Brother Célébrités 1 from Quebec, Canada, featured the 3rd round in 2010. Quebecoise actress Camille Felton was the winner. Sadly we do not have video footage of the Celebrity Big Brother seasons from Quebec so the details are unclear. We do know that Camille won POV in Week 6, when the competition took place. What sort of wild temptations will happen during this year’s Pressure Cooker competition?

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