The Ultimatum’s Riah And Trey: All Fans Need To Know

The Ultimatum's Riah And Trey: All Fans Need To Know

On paper, The Ultumatum‘s Jeriah “Riah” Nelson and Treyvon “Trey” Brunson are this season’s strongest couple. They don’t have the obvious jealousy issues, elephant in the room secrets, or respect differentials that the other pairs have. Also, Trey clearly experienced the season’s strongest trial marriage with Ryann McCracken. But as we all saw, just because their issues aren’t obvious doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. It emerged that Trey has a lot of difficulty pleasing Riah in the bedroom and Riah has very high expectations for romance. Trey also is a small town boy at heart and Riah prefers city life, with her expressing that she didn’t want to leave the city or do long-distance. We’ll know within 10 minutes of next week’s episodes whether they got over these problems and said yes or not. But for now, let’s review The Ultimatum’s Riah And Trey.

The Ultimatum‘s Riah And Trey: Riah’s IG, Twitter, TikTok, Hometown, Education, Job, Modelling, Birthday, Zodiac, Family

The Ultimatum season 2 star Riah

The Ultimatum season 2 star Riah (Instagram).

For someone as into social media perfection as Riah, she doesn’t exactly dominate in that arena. Riah’s IG  is at 5,442 followers as of writing. Riah’s Twitter/X only features 536 followers, and Riah’s TikTok  is followed by 2,220 individuals. Still, we learn a lot about her from those platforms. Riah is a Charleston, South Carolina native and graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2019 with a degree in journalism. The show mentions often that she works as a “Managing Server” for Hooter’s and we can see her dancing with her girls on TikTok. She featured in the chain’s 2021 calendar.


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Riah’s IG has a link to MMG Model Talent And Celebrity Management because she’s signed by them. Many of her IG photos are model quality, so it makes sense that she would do it professionally. We know Riah’s birthday is July 17 because she has a whole reels section dedication to it. That makes her a 25-year-old perfection-obsessed Cancer, which fits. Riah also loves showing off wigs from NyLuxx hair. We know Riah has one sister, Shaquerra, who visits the show in Episode 7. She also comes from a divorced home and was raised by her mom, who’s a reverend.

On the show, Riah opened up about having a miscarriage a couple of years ago, when the baby didn’t have a heartbeat. The traumatic experience has Riah wondering if she ever wants to try having kids again. When she was a kid she dreamed of having four kids.

She also loves to shop. “If my card doesn’t decline, I’m fine,” she told one of the guys. She expects her man to cover the rent or mortgage, but she’ll play utilities and share on groceries.

The Ultimatum‘s Riah And Trey: Trey’s Hometown, LinkedIn, Job, Education, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Twitter, IG, Vacations, Cars, Family

Trey from season 2 of The Ultimatum

Trey from season 2 of The Ultimatum (Instagram).

Trey gives his hometown as Sumter, South Carolina, on the show, which is two hours away from Charleston. No wonder Riah doesn’t want to do an long-distance relationship. 29-year-old Trey’s LinkedIn tells us that he is a Shipping And Receiving Supervisor at International Paper. He’s also a USC alumnus, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer at the same company previously. He’s not as focused on social media as Riah is, with 1,695 followers on Trey’s IG and 88 followers on Trey’s Twitter/X.

Trey has taken a vacation with Riah to Miami Beach and even celebrated Riah’s birthday there. He mentions to Ryann how much he loved that she got his car cleaned, and he features his white Corvette from 2019. Trey celebrates his birthday on March 26, which means he is a determined and focused Aries. We also know from Trey’s IG that he is very close with his mom and brother, and that he has been in the same friend group since kindergarten.

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