Love Is Blind’s Zack Says Why He Rejected Bliss & Picked Irina

Love Is Blind's Zack Says Why He Rejected Bliss & Picked Irina

Love Is Blind season 4‘s criminal defense lawyer Zack Goytowski is making his case for why he made the huge mistake of proposing to American-Russian rascal Irina Solomonova instead of sweet and kind Bliss Poureetezadi in the pods. Zack suggested some reasons he leaned towards the Russian rapscallion while in the pods. He liked how she was more “vicious” than he was and excused it as only lashing out at those hurting her. He also thought Irina was extremely trustworthy and “would have my back all the way”. However, now Zack says why he rejected Bliss and picker Irina, and apparently he loved Bliss more the whole time!

Zack Says Why He Rejected Bliss & Proposed To Irina On Love Is Blind Season 4

Love Is Blind: Irina Says What Cartoon Character Zack Looks Like

Zack got dragged by fans for his poor choice proposing to an immature, rude 26 year-old instead of a smart and kind 33 year-old. Irina only further confirmed her rudeness after the show’s aired by saying what cartoonish character Zack reminds her of and not apologizing for her on-screen antics.

He explained his rationale for picking Irina over Bliss in his Instagram comments to confused Love Is Blind season 4 fans.

“I think if you watch closely you can see who I loved more. Look at how I was when each relationship ended. Do you see how devastated I was when I ended it with Bliss. I laid on a couch with a pillow over my head crying for hours,” Zack wrote. “Maybe the truth is I didn’t have the courage to see if our love could overcome all obstacles. Maybe I thought there was too much in the real world that would get in the way.”

In Love Is Blind season 4’s episode 6, Zack attempts to make amends with Bliss, taking her on a couple dates before proposing to her. However, she still has trouble overcoming her negative feelings about being Zack’s second choice.

“Maybe I thought she was little to good for me. I wasn’t just thinking about who was best for me. I was thinking about whose family would accept me. And who would actually say I do at the altar. And who would be able to accept me. All of me. I definitely made the wrong choice. But first choice doesn’t mean best choice.”

Fans React To Zack’s Claim He Always Loved Bliss More Than Irina

Some fans found that a whole lot of semantics to try and wriggle out of admitting he chose Irina over Bliss. However, other fans sympathized with Zack facing family rejection from partners in the past due to his upbringing. Zack’s sister — who has an uncanny resemblance to Irina — explained how their mom (who was a stripper to feed them) died. Zack explained that this wrong-side-of-the-tracks origin story meant his previous partners he loved had families who showed prejudice against him.

Zack's sister Alexa who fans think looks like Irina

Zack’s sister Alexa who fans think looks like Irina (Instagram).

Irina posing for a pic

Irina posing for a pic (Instagram).

“I think he [proposed] to Irina because producers asked him to and wanted her to stay in the show for drama,” one fan on Reddit theorized.

“I just finished watching the episode where he broke up with Bliss and man he absolutely confirmed what I thought. When he started sobbing in the room with her you could tell he loved her. Tbh when she talked about her dad being protective I think he started worrying and couldn’t get over it. I also immediately thought ‘He thinks she’s too good for him.’ I felt so very sad for them because I honestly think they would make an amazing couple,” another added.

Well, Bliss has given Zack a second chance and the two moved in together at the Seattle townhouse apartment in Madison Valley provided by Love Is Blind season 4 production.

Previews for upcoming episodes show Bliss’ dad isn’t a fan of her engagement to Zack, confirming his concerns about their relationship working without family approval. For those who can’t wait, find out if Zack and Bliss got married on Love Is Blind season 4.

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