Love Is Blind’s Bliss: Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Job, IG & More

Love Is Blind's Bliss: Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Job, IG, TikTok & More

It looks like our unlucky-in-love lawyer Zack Goytowski will get a second chance with Love Is Blind‘s Bliss Poureetezadi. Zack agonized for days and was emotionally wrought over choosing between Irina Solomonova and Bliss while the two women battled it out in the women’s living quarters. Bliss thought she had Zack’s heart won when she baked him cupcakes for his birthday, but Irina’s similarly tough upbringing resonated with Zack more. Zack grew up on the wrong side of the tracks as his mom tried to make ends meet and feed her son by working as a stripper. Irina grew up with no Christmas gifts under the tree because her family were poor immigrants from Russia.

Bliss took her loss in stride, possibly biding her time and patience paid off — for now. Episode five closed with Zack meeting Bliss at a coffee shop and admitting he was wrong. Now, with the harrowing experience of the pods behind them, will Zack and Bliss find bliss, or will the turbulent love triangle with Irina continue?

Bliss looking stunning for the camera

Bliss looking stunning for the camera (Instagram).

Bliss got less time onscreen than the other women on Love Is Blind and missed the Mexico trip entirely. As a result, we’ve got a lot to learn about Bliss all on her own before the next batch of Love Is Blind season 4 episodes drop, so let’s dive right in.

Love Is Blind‘s Bliss: Disney & Microsoft Jobs, Education, Family, Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Zodiac & More

Bliss rocking her second favorite color, teal

Bliss rocking her second favorite color, teal (Instagram).

Tudum says that 33-year-old Bliss craves emotional support, and someone who loves her for who she is. Let’s hope Zack will be able to get over his emotional hang-ups and make it up to her. She’s the standout from a family of teachers, as she’s listed as a “Senior Program Manager”… with a little company called DisneyConsidering the competition between Netflix and Disney+, we can’t imagine the legal wrangling that must’ve taken place here. If that’s not impressive enough, Bliss has also worked at Microsoft.

We don’t know a lot about Bliss’ family, but she does disclose that she is the product of multiple cultures, with her ethnicity being a mix of Persian, Black, white and Mexican ancestry. Bliss is very much a purple/lavender loving girl, as opposed to co-star Chelsea Griffin and her pink obsession. She shared her ethnic background in a TikTok video.


I am so excited to represent all my ethnicities in this season of Love Is Blind! I am a Persian, Black, White, Mexican American and I’m so proud of that. I’ve often been asked to choose one “box” but I can’t and I won’t because all of this represents who I am. To all mixed people out there, that feel like they don’t wholely belong to one group, I hope you don’t feel you have to choose if you don’t want to. ??#loveisblindseattle #loveisblindseason4 #netflix

? Proud – Marshmello

She also loves her puppy Ash and kitty Blythe very much, although she seems less obsessed than Chelsea does with puppy Rocky. Some family members appear on Bliss’ socials. This includes her mom, 81-year-old grandmother, older sister Ann, younger sister Marie, twin brother Jevin (aka Dr. Poureetezadi) and her nephew Fynn. It appears Dr. Jevin has twins of his own, which suggests that Bliss’ family has some amazing luck in more ways than one. Bliss can also be found camping in nearby Mount Rainier National Park or off the beaten path in Thailand. You can find a cool photo of her bathing with elephants, suggesting that she has a real love for all creatures great and small.

Bliss’ birthday is September 30th, which fittingly makes her a balanced, patient Libra.

Love Is Blind’s Bliss: Instagram & TikTok

Bliss wearing her favorite color, purple

Bliss wearing her favorite color, purple (Instagram).

Bliss’ Instagram is a little less geared to the influence lifestyle than some of her castmates, as there are few pics of her showing herself off. She is a bit of a nature-loving hippie and believes in giving back to the earth. However, while Bliss is getting a lot of support, her fans are dragging Zack for not picking her first. This is a little unfair, as Zack was in a very uncomfortable position — will Bliss have to tell her new fans to cool it? Bliss’ TikTok  is also quite new, with only three short videos to be found. One has her stumbling up some steps, which suggests that she isn’t taking her new fame too seriously. Good for her!


First TikTok. Is this how you do it??

? Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

We can’t wait for Friday, March 31, to see what happens to Zack and Bliss next. Stay tuned!

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