Love Is Blind’s Chelsea: IG, TikTok, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Job, More

Love Is Blind's Chelsea: IG, TikTok, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, More

Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Griffin is about to be caught up in the slow-boil drama of season 4. Chelsea has temporarily squashed her beef with rival Micah Lussier over the confusing love situation on Love Is Blind. As we left the cast at the conclusion of Episode 5, Chelsea and Micah tried a sit down meeting. Chelsea’s fiance Kwame Appiah had a relationship with Micah in the pods, but Micah broke things off to pursue Paul Peden. Kwame is still not over Micah and a poolside conversation between the two went on way longer than appropriate. But this being reality TV, nobody believes that things are going to stay calm for long. The women of the cast formed opposing camps, with Chelsea on the same team as Jackelina Bonds and Tiffany Pennywell. Micah’s only ally is Irina Solomonova, whose romance with long-suffering lawyer Zack Goytowski fizzled before they left Mexico in cartoonish fashion.

It’s only a matter of time before Chelsea and Micah likely really rip into one another and pull the entire cast down with them. Prepare yourselves for accusations of bad edits and online side-taking for weeks, along with criticisms of what the pod environment does to people. Plus cast members claiming victimhood for nasty comments from trolls online.

It’s quite sad because Chelsea (and Micah) appear to be normal, caring women in real life. Let’s look at Chelsea’s offscreen activities and try to determine where the truth lies.

Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea: Age, Zodiac, Family, Speech Language Pathologist Job, Dog, Pink Obsession, Cooking Skills, Peloton, Family

Fur baby Chelsea with her adorable pup

Fur baby Chelsea with her adorable pup (Instagram).

Netflix’s Tudum establishes that the 31-year-old Chelsea refuses to stand for any games on the show, which is admirable. She hates “long-ass talking stages” and wants someone who will be as loyal to her as she will be to her man. Another thing that is very obvious about Chelsea is her obsession with the color pink. Not only does she wear pink outfits and makeup frequently on the show, she loves pink flowers and even pink furniture. Chelsea is very skilled in the kitchen, specializing in dishes with lots of salmon, avocado, and sweet fruits, though she is partial to a good zucchini bread. She burns off those calories with frequent runs and she is a dedicated Pelotoner, an interest she shares with Bliss Poureetezadi. Chelsea’s birthday is April 21, which explains her tough Taurus tendencies.

Chelsea is loved at work and at home. She rarely goes anywhere without dramatic pup Rocky, who has his own set of outfits and his own dog-nanny, Moose. There’s also her adorable nephew Wesley and niece Remi, who are the children of her beloved sister Katherine. Chelsea is close to her mom Olen and her Gomma, who is in her 90s.

Chelsea in one of her signature high-fashion pink outfits

Chelsea in one of her signature high-fashion pink outfits (Instagram).

Then there’s her speech language pathologist employer, who threw her a lovely premiere party. Chelsea graduated with her Masters degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2021. Based on the #eagle4life hashtag she posted, she’s a graduate of Eastern Washington University. Chelsea adores sunrises, sunsets and being out on the water, especially boating.

Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea: Instagram, TikTok & Anti-Harassment PSA

Chelsea celebrating graduating

Chelsea celebrating graduating (Instagram).

Chelsea’s Instagram is full of fans who adore her and her onscreen portrayal, but they are also quick to support her over mean girls Micah and Irina. To her credit, Chelsea is leading the charge against angry fans cheering that Micah and Irina have limited Instagram engagement. In one IG story, she begs viewers to remember that the cast are human and that they deserve “the benefit of the doubt.” Chelsea’s TikTok is similarly focused on positive and uplifting content, along with the usual pink clothing and dog obsessions. Chelsea may have a rough ride ahead of her, but she has many fans to help along the way.


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