Below Deck S11: Barbie And Jared Hit It Off On Ep. 3 Preview

Below Deck S11: Barbie And Jared Hit It Off On Ep. 3 Preview

Bravo released the first seven minutes of Below Deck season 11’s episode 3 preview, called “Breaking Barbie”, shows Bosun Jared Woodin and stewardess Barbie Pascual hitting it off. The sneak peek shows the Below Deck season 11 crew getting excited to go out for their first night out drinking together. During the night out, despite Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby’s best efforts, Barbie gave her attention to Jared. Barbie and Jared looked like they may have had a romantic spark.

However, Below Deck season 11’s trailers make it pretty clear Jared gets fired on the show, and not too far into the filmed charter season in Grenada in early 2023 on superyacht St. David.

During the episode 3 preview, South African yachtie Xandi Olivier drinks so excessively she falls into the hot tub. Chef Anthony Iracane revealed to Chief Steward Fraser Olender how his father died two years ago of a heart attack.

On the ride downtown to the Aquarium Restaurant, Ben tried to flirt as much as he could with Barbie. First he helped her off the boat. At one point the self-describe “stew slayer” reached over to push her pant leg up to see her one tattoo while they sat in the back of the one van. However, she wasn’t immediately receptive enough for Ben’s liking. He then went on to compliment Canadian deckhand Sunny Marquis. He told her she looked great at the dinner and the two ended up dancing much of the night.

Meanwhile, Barbie and Jared spent much of the dinner talking together.

Barbie impressed by Jared's dedication to being a dad

Barbie impressed by Jared’s dedication to being a dad (Bravo).

Barbie And Jared Hit It Off On Below Deck Season 11 Ep. 3 Preview

Jared hugging Barbie on Below Deck season 11's episode 3

The yachties hugging on Below Deck season 11’s episode 3 (Bravo).

“You know he has a unicorn tramp stamp?” she said about Jared at dinner.

“That’s my little daughter’s favorite thing ever,” Jared explained. He then opened up about how he’d never met her because the mom didn’t tell him she was pregnant and moved back to her home state of Alaska. Jared then shared once he found out, once his daughter had turned one, he started facetiming her twice a week. “It was only just three weeks ago she told me ‘I love you’.”

“You’re so cute,” Barbie said in response, clearly touched by his story.

During a Caribbean dance party, Jared hugged Barbie. The preview then turned to Scottish deckhand Kyle Stillie talking to Fraser, asking for help with Barbie. “She’s the kind of girl I would take home to my mom.

Barbie and Jared then shared the ride back home together. “Chatting with you at dinner, you’re very interesting,” Barbie told him.

“I don’t know you from a can of paint, but I like the fact that when I look into your eyes I find truth,” Jared told Barbie.

“[Bursts out laughing] Jared…!”

Apparently his pickup line didn’t land. It’s unlikely anything happens with Barbie and Jared, though. Kyle and Barbie eventually start a torrid boatmance and Jared isn’t long for this charter season. However, Jared did tell Bravo his best friend on the boat was Barbie.

However, on the second charter, Barbie tells Ben she’s interested in Jared.

“So you got all the blokes after you. I know you’re entertaining them all at the same time,” Ben told her.

“I know, I like everybody. But specifically, Jerry,” she said back.

“Are you actually kidding me?” Ben said, disgusted.

“Like, we are very similar. I definitely get attracted to people’s souls. I mean honestly, my ex-boyfriends, all of them, sorry to say, look pretty bad,” Barbie explained. “I don’t think that I go for looks. Not that he’s ugly, like Jared’s fine.”

In other news, after all it looks like Kyle may have taken Barbie to see his mom after the charter season ended.

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