Does Jared Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11 (Spoilers)?

Does Jared Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11 (Spoilers)?

Bravo’s previews for Below Deck season 11 shows right from the get-go Bosun Jared Woodin makes mistakes leading to his firing. Captain Kerry Titheradge repeatedly yells at the dumbfounded yachtie. From Jared’s inability to convert feet to meters to his loudness after a crew night out while drinking too much to his weak leadership, he gets on thin ice since very early on while filming the show in Grenada in early 2023. The nearly disastrous first docking immediately made the captain doubt his top deckie. So, does Jared get fired on Below Deck season 11 in the end?

As has been pointed out in previous seasons by fans, it looks like Jared may have been casted by Below Deck production as a plant. Previous bosuns, like Raygan Tyler and Ruan Irving from Below Deck Mediterranean seasons 7 and 8 respectively, appeared to be casted just so they could be fired for incompetence or fraudulent documents. Both Raygan and Ruan spectacularly failed early on and were out of their depth on the show. Now, despite Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby having experience as a bosun before returning on the Below Deck season 11 cast, Jared was instead hired as the bosun.

A list of blunders teased on Below Deck season 11’s trailer suggest Jared is the latest plant to be fired on the series.

Episode 2, “Pier Pressure”, has a synopsis that doesn’t bode well for Jared.

“Jared makes a big mistake, causing Ben and Fraser to feel that they can’t rely on the new bosun. Capt. Kerry docks St. David for the first time, but the deck team’s lack of communication could lead to a disastrous end to the first charter.”

“You’ve got two-and-a-half shots in the water,” Jared tell the captain in the preview.

“I asked for one shot,” Captain Kerry says, miffed.

From there, things only get worse for Jared.

“Hold your distance!” Jared yells in the near calamitous first docking.

Does Jared Get Fired On Below Deck Season 11: Evidence Confirms Captain Kerry Terminates His Contract

“I’m getting no information,” Captain Kerry yells in exasperation. Captain Kerry and the crew almost crashed superyacht St. David, almost adding to the list of superyacht crashes in Below Deck history.

On the Below Deck season 11 premiere, Jared mentions how he captained a much smaller boat. He didn’t have any recent experience working on a superyacht.

“I operate in feet. I have to translate it into meters,” Jared explains in another scene. Editors added complex math formulas, mocking his ineptitude.

“I’m sorry, but I feel dumber when I’m around him,” Ben says about Jared. It looks like Ben may work hard to help push Jared off the plank.

“I’m trying to sleep. I can hear you two decks up,” Captain Kerry yelled in the previews. Jared, drunk, woke up the captain after being too loud. On top of that, Jared threw provisions at stewardess Marie “Sunny” Marquis on a charter excursion.

“I am so [bleeping] mad. It’s a total disregard of my authority,” Kerry says, right before someone gets taken off the superyacht and escorted to shore with another boat.

The fact Bravo didn’t make Jared a dedicated biography page like the rest of the crew is another strong indicator he gets fired. Also, previews show Ben and Chief Steward Fraser Olender fighting over their departments. A clear revelation Ben replaces Jared as the head of the deck crew.

Furthermore, Below Deck season 11 spoilers reveal a replacement deckhand gets hired. South African Dylan De Villiers joins the crew in the middle of the charter season. Furthermore, deckhands Sunny and Kyle Stillie are both in boatmances throughout the season. So, the only deck crew member who could possibly be fired is Jared.

Ben and Fraser also promised the more firings than ever before in Below Deck history. Below Deck season 11’s episode 4 description reveals, “Jared’s personal challenges take a toll on him as Captain Kerry takes notice.”

In conclusion, all evidence points to Jared getting fired on Below Deck season 11. He joins a long list of fired Below Deck cast members.

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