Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Danielle Reyes?

Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Danielle Reyes?

After Danielle Reyes’s elimination in Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 3, Taylor Hale and Britney Godwin wept openly. All the houseguests called Danielle a “legend” and Taylor claimed that Danielle inspired her to get involved with Big Brother. The Black Widow, as she is known, has been involved with the show since being the season 3 runner-up way back in 2002. She returned for season 7 and faced off against Janelle Pierzina, Mike “Boogie” Malin, and Dr. Will Kirby. She’s a trailblazer who claimed many firsts that we take for granted — the first ever female and African-American POV winner in the show’s history, for example. Throughout her season, she was treated with respect and feared for her gameplay. Fellow legend Dr. Will has called her “The Greatest Player to Never Win”. Even though she won’t win Reindeer Games, it’s always worth asking, what happened to Danielle Reyes?

What Happened To Danielle Reyes? Age, Birthday, IG, Twitter, Job, Husband & Family

Big Brother star Danielle working out at the gym

Big Brother star Danielle working out at the gym (Instagram).

At age 51, Danielle Hendricks Reyes earned a place in our culture before Instagram was a thing. At the moment her IG  has only 2,392 followers. Her content on Twitter/X is good but sparse, as she interacts with her Reindeer Games costars and praises the show and cast. She does have 4,600 followers, which is not bad. Danielle’s birthday is next month, on January 22, which is too late to celebrate it in the house. It does make her an intelligent, adaptable Aquarius however. Danielle is very close to her family, which include two daughters and five grandchildren. She has said in interviews that she had her first child at 16. Danielle has been married to her husband Javier since 1992. Her mom and dad, Rosalind and Thomas Hendricks, are still going strong as well. They recently celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary.

A proud California native, Danielle was initially born in Ohio. Her dad was in the Navy, so they moved around a lot but Danielle has picked up her dad’s love of fitness. She’s always posting about how her trainer is pushing her to look her best at 51. We can also find some of her grandchildren on IG. Cassius has just recently graduated from high school while “Pumpkin” loves to take selfies while hanging out with Grandma. When she’s not at her main hustle as a real estate manager or loving her family, Danielle is a devoted sports fan and committed foodie. She loves the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Sacramento Kings but will take in a UFC fight anytime, too.

What Happened To Danielle Reyes After Big Brother? Movies, Food, Pet

Danielle has always played a physical game, and she loves action movies. Her favorites are classics like Kill Bill, True Romance, Pulp Fiction or anything with De Niro. She loves to post pics of the meals she prepares, which are extremely healthy and packed with protein. However, she does enjoy the occasional healthy snack, and can be found promoting options from Catalina Crunch. At one point, she had a bulldog named Optimus but we haven’t seen much of her pet dog lately.

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