Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 3 Recap & Fan Reactions

On Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 3 we had three intense comps, two broken alliances, and one heartbreaking elimination. There are no safe partridges in pear trees on this show as this episode’s challenges were serious nail-biters. The houseguests were more tense than Lt. John McClane in Die Hard. And more than a few of them are playing defense like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. By the end of the show the six remaining guests were united in their discontent. But who went home how? Read on and find out.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 3: Naughty and Nice Challenge/Jingle Bell Brawl

Right off the bat the women’s alliance fell apart as Nicole Franzel couldn’t help but notice how Danielle Reyes was getting close with Xavier. Britney Haynes made sure Danielle was aware of how they were onto her. But we have a new Santa’s elf, as Derek took over from Jordan. The challenge involves figuring out why a Christmas crooner, singing The 12 Days Of Christmas, got dumped. The answer has four words, and there are Christmas cookies with parts of the answer hidden around the house. The prize? A two minute advantage in the Jingle Bell Brawl.

Britney was still nervous about winning challenges because she didn’t know what the disadvantage was. Josh, on the other hand, is fine with risking it. After a fairly long challenge where the houseguests ran around frantically and Derek needed to give them a hint, Taylor won. The answer was “You Are Too Clingy.” Since Josh was so vocal about not being afraid of the disadvantage, he got the naughty sock. Then there was an absolutely brutal Jingle Bell Brawl where the guests had to reassemble broken gingerbread men using tweezers! Josh’s disadvantage was that he had to wait five minutes without the photo of his puzzle… and his pieces started off in the wrong place too!

In the end it didn’t matter who started last because everyone struggled with this brutal challenge and complained aloud. Nicole actually came close to winning but she mixed up the eyes, and was able to switch them and clinch the win.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 3: Santa’s Showdown

The holiday hell continued as the Showdown was a giant maze that the guests had to navigate in a snow globe! Since she won, Nicole could pick the first human hamster to enter the globe and jingle around the maze. It became clear that Xavier’s alliance was a fake as the women were plotting to get rid of him. Nicole, who wants to play it safe, picked Frankie to go first since he would have the most time- 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

While rolling around, Frankie said the maze was hard to figure out as he can’t really tell where he was going. As he was rockin’ around the Christmas maze, Josh and Britney promised to protect each other. Frankie completed the maze with time to spare and picked Xavier to go next. We saw Nicole trying to protect Britney, but Britney wanted Danielle to go and potentially lose. Either way, Xavier survived with just 14 seconds to go.

Now Xavier can get his revenge and picks Britney, despite her begging. Danielle and Nicole hold each other for support, while Taylor and Josh celebrate. But their glee is premature as somehow, Britney survives! Now she has to choose Danielle, Taylor, or Josh. Taylor volunteered, but Xavier said he was trying to save Danielle by choosing Britney. Nicole picks Danielle to go next without a second thought.

Sadly for Danielle, she didn’t take big enough steps in the ball and didn’t make it. Taylor and Britney cry and Xavier feels very guilty. But it’s a Christmas miracle for Danielle, as she won $5,000 from her consolation prize. The 6 houseguests protest with a chant of “Worst Day Ever” as we break until Monday night.

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