Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 2 Recap & Fan Reactions

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 2 Recap & Fan Reactions

On Britney, on Danielle, on Nicole, on Taylor. On Frankie, on Josh, on Cody, on Xavier. It’s going to rain cash, dear, on one of these Big Brother reindeer. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, it’s only Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 2 recap. Last time, Cameron Hardin couldn’t beat the odds or find an alliance and was the first elimination of this six-part series. Who’s next on the naughty list? We’ve got all the moves and minute by minute developments of episode 2 here for you.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 2 Recap: Naughty and Nice Challenge

The women of the house established their next objective –break up Cody and Frankie. Meanwhile, Frankie tried to smooth over things with Xavier for nominating him. Xavier said there was no hard feelings as he would have made the same decision. Cody confided in Nicole, saying he was very aware he was being targeted and that Taylor was leading the offensive.

Jordan outlined the Naughty and Nice challenge, which also had a holiday music theme. Houseguests would guess which carol a bunch of “cranky carolers” would sing using sheet music hidden around the house. Several players opted to throw the challenge after seeing the lame reward Britney got in Episode 1. Cody took his time and got the answer right, while Xavier realized he knew the answer but let Cody win. (It was “Deck The Halls” by the way.)

However it turned out that the advantage this time around was a pretty good one. The Jingle Bell Brawl for this episode was a 4 on 4 team match and Cody could pick his team. Also, the disadvantage would apply to the entire other team, and the winning team all would get immunity! Cody chose Frankie immediately and Xavier was next. Xavier recommended choosing one of the women as #4. Cody also made the interesting move of telling Josh that his team would protect him from elimination if they won.

Cody interviewed all four women. Danielle begged and threatened to become Cody’s enemy if she wasn’t picked. Britney tried a softer approach, promising not to target him. Taylor admitted she was gunning for him, but suggested he keep his enemy close for this challenge. In the end, Cody went with Nicole as the #4 for his team.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 2: Jingle Bell Brawl and Santa’s Showdown

The Jingle Bell Brawl had a tree decorating theme. Teams had four Christmas trees and each player got one tree to decorate. They needed to put ornaments of different weights on branches of different lengths and balance them evenly. Taylor, the captain of Red Team, needed to decorate a smaller fifth tree before her team could start. However, this challenge went really badly for Cody’s Green Team.

Nicole had a lot of trouble with her tree. Taylor finished the smaller tree and Britney did the first regular-sized tree before Nicole could finish. Danielle finished her Tree #2 for the Red Team before Xavier could finish the 2nd tree for the Green Team. Then, Taylor finished Tree #3 for the Red Team before Xavier. Xavier finished Tree #2 for Green Team but by that time Josh was working on the last tree for Red Team. He had to start over because the branches weren’t balanced right, but Frankie did too. With Britney’s help, Josh finished before Cody could even get into the challenge!

Cody realized that he was in a bad position and volunteered to take the hit by volunteering to compete in the Showdown. The Red Team picked Nicole not to go into the Showdown, which shocked Xavier because of the alliance proposed in Episode 1. Danielle tried to explain that Xavier was picked because the women wanted to target the men, but he wasn’t buying it. For the Santa’s Showdown, guests had to match gifts to picky children who had clues about which gifts they wanted. The last person to finish would be eliminated. Cody’s deep focus worked against him because Frankie and Xavier were noticing which ones he was getting wrong and adjusting. Eventually Xavier finished first and Frankie was second. Cody’s Blue Christmas was topped off by his a sad consolation prize, two fruitcakes.

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