Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Nicole Franzel?

Big Brother Reindeer Games: What Happened To Nicole Franzel?

With her entry into Big Brother Reindeer GamesNicole Franzel has been on Big Brother a mind-blowing four times. A longtime superfan, Nicole has displayed all the skills to be a BB legend, from comp wins to alliance management. But she’s also shown she knows how to adapt over time. She progressed from an aggressive game in season 16 to a more laidback performance in season 18. Her alliance skills were good enough to find her future husband, Victor Arroyo, during season 18. Then there have been the epic rivalries, such as the time when Cody Calafiore screwed her over in season 21. Watching him depart from Reindeer Games must have been sweet. However, she’ll still have to figure out her history with Britney Haynes after their drama. She’s spent a record 255 days in the BB House but what happened to Nicole Franzel on the outside?

What Happened To Nicole Franzel? Jobs, Hometown, Husband, Family, Pets, IG, Twitter/X

Nicole Franzel with husband Victor Arroyo

Nicole Franzel with husband Victor Arroyo (Instagram).

Nicole has really led a charmed life. A former ER nurse before starring on Big Brother, she was born in the tiny town of Ubly, Michigan, population ~850. She obtained her nursing degree from Saginaw Valley State University. Today she has an IG with over 761,000 followers and welcomed her son Victor Arroyo “Arrow” IV just two years ago. She and Victor had to delay their marriage several times due to the pandemic but tied the knot on March 16 2021. She and Victor now run a sustainable gift and clothing store online, Franny and the Fox. Nicole has shared a few of her family moments on her YouTube channel, which has 2,410 subscribers. However, that channel is very infrequently updated.

Nicole has a Twitter/X profile, but that hasn’t been updated since 2014! She has a Facebook profile as well where we can see that her parents Jeni and Dave are deeply involved in little Arrow’s life. However, for the main life happenings for Nicole, you’ll have to listen to her Coco Caliente podcast, which she co-hosts with mom Jeni. Every episode seems to be brought to you by a new life hack or home gadget, showing that she has a lot of business acumen. She remains a deeply committed animal lover and avid environmentalist, and enjoys trying new healthy recipes in the kitchen. Her family have a habit of finding and nursing lost animals back to health. However, she’s loved her two Maltese pet dogs for almost 15 years.

What Happened To Nicole Franzel? Birthday, Zodiac, Age, Nicknames, Gameplay, Show Allies

31-year-old Nicole’s birthday is June 30th. Nicole is an optimistic and compassionate Cancer, but she has her share of detractors. While she was affectionately called “Coconuts” on the show, a name she embraced, she’s also been called “Snacole”, “Ratcole”, and “Nicobra.” She’s found interesting allies thus far in Frankie Grande, and surprisingly, season 24 winner Taylor Hale. Remember, though, that Nicole vocally stood up for Taylor when she was being bullied during season 24. Since she badly botched the Jingle Bell Brawl challenge in episode 2, she doesn’t have a target on her back, yet!

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