Why Below Deck Med Fans Dislike Kyle

Why Below Deck Med Fans Dislike Kyle

Below Deck Mediterranean season 8 star Kyle Viljoen is taking a lot of heat from the Below Deck fanbase for his antics on the show. First he stirred up unnecessary drama by telling Natalya Scudder that Tumi Mhlongo wouldn’t be putting up with any attitude from the Australian beauty. But that was only the beginning, and he was already on thin ice with fans after his poor job performance on season 7. So, here’s why Below Deck Med fans dislike Kyle so much now.

Viewers will recall Kyle sucking up and enabling Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb when she got distracted by her toxic ex boyfriend on Below Deck Med season 7. In doing so, he became the golden boy. Kyle was allowed to gab away with Natasha and laze about with charter guests. Meanwhile, Natalya was left working twice as hard to pick up the slack of him and Natasha not sticking to work.

To top it off, he had to leave the boat to deal with a tooth infection, and also took off time due to apparently spraining his ankle. Fans found it incredibly unprofessional when he was hanging out and flirting relentlessly with a charter guest while on work duties, too.

Apparently Captain Sandy Yawn missed watching Kyle’s lack of consistency in his work ethic on season 7. She somehow hired him back for another season.

Why Below Deck Med Fans Dislike Kyle On Season 8

On episodes 7 and 8 fans were appalled by Kyle’s antics. He yelled and bullied Jessika Asai for her innocently telling Tumi he makes her feel like a green stew sometimes. He then had a dramatic collapse on the floor not too far from charter guests, claiming he was dizzy. It turned out he hadn’t eaten anything substantial all day and may have been suffering an anxiety attack.

But fans weren’t buying it on Twitter/X.

Below Deck Med season 8 superfans on Reddit were no more merciful.

“No way did Kyle just admit he JUMPED out of a moving car because of drama. Does he not realise that he’s the DRAMA if he thought that was what to do!?” wrote one user.

Fans should take into account that it’s a TV show where the cast are playing it up for the camera. Perhaps producers wanted Kyle to behave the way he did on the show.

Kyle Likely Gets Fired On Below Deck Med Season 8

By the end of the episode, Kyle was screaming at Natalya at the end of the crew night out and saying her life is [bleeped] up. And, judging by his co-stars at BravoCon 2023, it doesn’t bode well for his future time on superyacht Mustique.

Natalya and him bickered on stage in front of fans. Tumi when asked about Kyle responded by saying, “Kyle who?”

Kyle vs. Natalya Round 1! Fight!
byu/i_am_masons_mom inbelowdeck

Even Captain Sandy had some criticism for Kyle when asked about him at BravoCon 2023. “I’m never anti-Kyle. What I am [standing for] is Kyle needs to correct himself. Sometimes — Kyle is an awesome humanbeing — he just doesn’t know when to close it. And sometimes I think he thinks he has to do that, maybe for TV, and he does it. Beacuse Kyle is a gentle soul and he means well. But his mouth just takes over, sometimes you’ve got to filter that. We don’t always have to say what we’re thinking.”

Kyle appears to have not taken the attacks too seriously and definitely has some fans with over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

However, it looks like Kyle will definitely be one of the crew members Captain Sandy fires on Below Deck Med season 8. We’ll have to wait to watch how the rest of Below Deck Med season 8 unfolds.

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